February 4, 2014

IPA Beer Club Revival this FRIDAY February 7th at City Taphouse

Join us on Friday  February 7th for a lil reunion. 
40th and Walnut.
5 pm.
If you can join earlier to talk about the future of the club- please do. I will arrive at the Taphouse at 4 pm.
ALL beer-loving ladies welcome as well as gentlemen.
Pay as you go.

December 30, 2013

Flipping through 2013 with Some Help from the Kinks

At the close of every year I write up a "year in review," best beer, bites, etc...
I might still do that- but I saw Flipagram- an app that could access my camera roll on my phone and take me through the year's moments set to music.  So here it is -=Trips to Chicago, San Diego, Charleston. Flat tires with Wendy, Beer mustaches with Lance, Allagash and all the niece and nephews you can handle.
Hope your 2014 is filled with even better things.


November 18, 2013

November 12, 2013

Two Track: Happy Birthday Neil Young Edition

Happy 68th birthday Neil!

I could have spent several hours trying to find the perfect song to bring back "Tuesday Two track."
Lucky for me it's Neil Young's Birthday. That helped me narrow it down to the awesome Canadian and one of the many bands he influenced. So it only took me an hour.


Neil Young with Crazy Horse

The Pixies -Live 2/29

September 23, 2013


Please join me in congratulating Resurrection Ale house on 4 years tomorrow night.

They will be cranking out nothing but Fried chicken all day until the night when they thanks their friends and guests over the last four years with some complimentary vittles.

The beer list is a whole lotta Allagash- including some excellent and rare beers Breandan Hartranft and Leigh Maida have been saving up. 

Resurrection tucked into the corner of Greys Ferry and Catherine has really been one of our city's best spots to get a great beer and an excellent bite over the last four years. Come to think of it- it's one of my favorite spots simply because of that not to mention the awesome tunes played in the background and the warm smile that greets you regardless of who might be pulling taps. Hope to see you!

Broken Elevator (collaboration Monk's Tom Peters brewed with other US notable publicans)
Fluxus 2012
Confluence 2012
Midnight Brett
James Bean (Coffee Curieuc!)
Golden Brett 
Interlude 2012

August 29, 2013

LABOR DAY plans? Local 44 celebrates all things Maine all day.

Dear Summer of 2013,

You came and went with a quickness.
I think the least you could do is give us a bar that could provide a chance for Philadelphia craft beer lovers who didn't make it up to Vacationland  the last couple months to drink her beers.
Perhaps some Oxbow, some Maine Beer Co, and I dunno..... some Allagash?
Perhaps some sips that we wouldn't be able to try if we stayed here in our air-conditioned row homes staring out at the cityscape longing for an authentic lobster roll and 77 degree weather.

Summer answered.

Local 44 has agreed to be the venue. 
And there will be a Maine picnic of sorts this Monday, Labor day.
Take a nice bike ride down Spruce Street west and enjoy the following list. I'll be there by mid-afternoon.

Maine PeeperMaine Mo
Oxbow Loretta
Oxbow Farmhouse Pale
Allagash Fluxus '12
Allagash Fluxus '13
Allagash Confluence '12
Allagash Interlude '12
Allagash BAT
Allagash FV13
Allagash Odyssey
Allagash Curieux
Allagash White

I was trying to think of a great labor day song.  I thought about Todd Rundgren's "Bang on the Drum all day" But I'm going with the greatest day-drinking song in the history of music, "The Weight" by the Band. performnig at Woodstock summer of '69.

July 26, 2013

In Pursuit of Ale Social /Fundraiser for Build On- Let's Build these Children a School

Clear your calendars please.

It's been a year since In Pursuit of Ale got together outside the holiday throwdown (100% mea culpa).
This isn't the notice of my dreams. In my dreams I would've given you at least 3 weeks to clear your calendars.

But this is reality- and reality will have it that this social fundraiser is....
Have you been to Strangeloves yet on 11th st?  Because that's where it's taking place.

Gentlemen are most welcome. As are your donations to Build On. My good friend Aly is part of a program called "Beyond Asana."  She is raising money to build a school in Nicaragua. She more than half way to her goal. You can learn more about how amazing she is and what's she's up to here.

Don't think of it as a charity. Think of it as a movement, says Build On Founder, Jim Ziolkowki.

We will be tapping a rare Allagash beer (and many others!) and proceeds will go to BUILD ON.

Come out.
Drink well.
Feel Good.

Sounds pretty simple to me.  Hoping to see some old and new beer clubbers.

Email  me @ beerlass@gmail.com with any questions.

July 9, 2013

This Week in My Allagash World

"Victor, Victoria and the Blonde"
Our friends at For Pete's Sake are throwing on three of our specialty beers and making a night of it- so should you! I will be there on the earlier side for Happy Hour.

Brew at the National

Zoo in DC

My sister's 3rd part of her 3 month wedding. Don't ask. (Although it's all very exciting!)


So Jose's has started this insanely good brunch deal. Every Sunday they host a different brewery put out a few courses and beers for a mere $35.
This Sunday it's our turn. I'll be there repping Allagash 11-3.
AND so will TASKERHAUS- playing some lively brunch music.

$35 for
An appetizer, entree and a side and a flight of
Victor and
If you should be accompanied by a friend or significant other than isn't keen on beer- you can opt for  bottomless margaritas or mimosas instead of the beer. You can also do A la carte. 

BRUNCH Prix Fixe

Strawberries, honeydew, watermelon, blueberry, melon
tomato, red onion, corn, baby heads, cucumber,avocado, sherry honey vinaigrette

pasilla chicken broth, pulled chicken, 
avocado, crema, queso fresco

in case you’re a bird or a squirrel or possibly sick


eggs, bacon, chihuahua cheese, and pico de gallo

Poach egg, black beans, ham, guajillo hollandaise

Lancaster eggs, chorizo, rice, beans, crema, cheese

Two fried egg, corn tortilla, salsa verde, crema, queso fresco

pico de gallo, tomatillo sauce, fried egg



Lucky Number 7 for the POPE!

The P.O.P.E. celebrates it's 7th year on Thursday night (7-11!)
with an all  "Anniversary" beer tap list.

But we'll get to that in a minute.

Because Chronologically (and more importantly in the big scheme of things) TONIGHT is
an American Cancer Society fundraiser sponsored by Bell Bikes, Awesome Dudes printing, YARDS brewing co and the POPE.
8-11 pm You can learn more on their facebook post.

Now for THURSDAY and Thursday's line up should make you very happy. The POPE has been stashing away Anniversary beers all year.  
And You get to reap the potable reward of their due diligence !

Don't miss the Firestone Walker XVI that came out last fall.  It received a perfect score on Beer Advocate. And think what you will about that site but a 100 has gotta mean the beer is worth your time.


Allagash Fluxus 2012 (Saison Wit hybrid with Green and Pink Peppercorns)
Avery 19th Anniversary (tripel)
Bells Barrel Aged Batch 9000
BFM Sq Rt 225th Anniversary Sour Saison
Brooklyn Silver Anniversary Lager
Firestone Walker XVI (American Strong Ale)
Founders Bolt Cutter
Goose Island 25th Anniversary (6.4% ESB)
Great Divide 19th Anniversary (Brewed with pure birch syrup and aged on birch wood 10.4%)
Great Lakes/Deschutes Class of 88 Smoked Porter
North Coast Rasputin XIV
Port Anniversary IPA
Stone RuinTen
Weyerbacher 18th Anniversary (Weizenbock)

July 8, 2013

I Ate New York

Purse for sale at the Chelsea Market
Every year round the holidays, Lance and I head up the New York.  We make each trip a blend of new and old.   Gramercy Tavern and Blind Tiger are a given.  And now the 124 Old Rabbit Club on Macdougal in Greenwich Village  is in that "nust do" category as it's my favorite - yes favorite- bar in the world.

We had a genius idea though last week.  We figured that most of New York would be escaping the city swelter and headed toward the Hamptons.  What a perfect time to go. Chances of getting a mid-Sunday bar seat at Gramercy definitely improve when the city is on leave.  So now- I think it will be tradition. Twice a year.  July 4th weekend and Christmastime.

Here's a list of the spots we hit this time around.

Eataly/ Birreria
Hadn't been yet. And yes- a lot of what I had heard is true.  It's massive, crowded  (but once again not ascrowded as it COULD be given our chosen time to visit) and confusing.
We walked around briefly.  It's pasta, bread, gelato, cheese, and more cheese.  We were basically there to visit Birreria, the rooftop beer bar brought to us by Birra Del Borgo, Baladin, and Dogfish Head.
We tried all the house cask-conditioned beers.  One brewed with Thyme, another with Rosemary and fenugreek.  It was a scorcher that day and I really wanted something extremely refreshing so thay didn't hit the proverbial spot.  But they were good.  I loved Maine Beer Co's  "Another One."  I had never heard of that offereing.  Definitely a highlight as was the charcuterie.

Library at The Inn on 23rd st (Flatiron District)
Inn on 23rd
We stayed at a B an B in the Flatiron district. a Mere 6 minute walk to Eataly actually.
You will have to call the B and B to get rates.  It's not cheap but it's certainly charming and worth every penny.  They provide you with complimentary passes to a slew of museums- The Met, Whitney, Guggenheim, Natural History, and more.
There's a wonderful dine-in Library. Breakfast is served every morning between 8:30 and 10:30. I had one of the best bagels.  They also offer fruit, quiche, coffee and danishes.  Fodors and Zagat guides are everywhere. But if you want to pick up the Encyclopedia Britannica and read about Zaire you can do that too.

Jazz Standard
I did a little research trying to figure out ways I could surprise Lance on the trip.  I know that he's a big fan of Danny Meyer and I knew that Meyer had other restaurants besides Gramercy Tavern, Union Square Cafe, and Shake Shack. But I didn't know what they were and I sure didn't know he had a Jazz Club, the Jazz Standard.  Done! Best  beer list I have ever seen at a jazz club. The food comes from Blue Smoke, his BBQ restaurant upstairs.  I had Salt and Black Pepper Ribs.  There was a dry rub, and zero sauce was needed. I happily paired them with an Allagash Dubbel. Sure a company gal sort of move, but a smart one if I may say so.

Aftewards we stumbled upon Paddy Reillys which we were told whilst there-that it was the best Irish Pub in New York City.  They only pour Guinness on draft. They have live music every night of the week. Service was a nice and the bar had a great conviviality to it. We even went back the second night.

Guilty Goose is a brasserie downstairs from our Inn. Great rotating beer selection and a Pastrami sandwich of which they are quite proud. You'll see a top shelf of bottles popped over the last two years that they've been open.  They'll make you crave a few unavailable beers, but at least you know the people serving you are true afficianados and love to chat beer.

"Hong Kong" French Toast 
MontMartre- The chef Tien Ho who ran kitchen's for David Chang's Momofuku group for  4 + years, combines influences of France and Asia (from Vietnam but all of Asia).  I had the "Hong Kong" French Toast with peanut butter and cherry jam. Lance had corn pancakes with whisky caramel and whipped lemon ricotta.  Garden seating is nice, although a bit hot.  The place is sharp and I would say a must hit on 8th st.
Corn Pancakes with Whiskey caramel
and whipped lemon ricotta

Then off to the
Chelsea Market.  Lance had asked me if I thought it was that much better than Reading Terminal and I said "No". Sorry Philly.  It's prettttyyyyyyy cool.  They also had a sample sale going -so we were able to pick up some cool threads on the cheap.  We also went to an olive oil and vinegar shop called "The Filling Station."  Customers get to try a variety of oils- blood orange, coconut, thai basil, etc.   They also fill growlers there.

We had quite a few carbs to burn off so we walked to the "High Line" to the Standard Hotel. There's some small batch sodas available for purchase, ice cream sandwiches, and other novelty eats.  There's plenty to see- people wise and other scenery as well.
When we arrived at the Standard hotel, we rode up 18th floors in an elevator to see if we were cool enough to hang out at Le Bain (Rooftop at the Standard Hotel).  Guys were flexing muscles, girls were sunbathing. Pitchers of margaritas and mojitos were placed on every end table.  Lance thought we may have been the oldest people there. But we're on the 18th floor  overlooking the Hudson with the most perfect sky- even if the sun was just a tad bright. It was cool. Even if we weren't. And yes- another must do. You can't even complain about the drink prices because you're in New York and that's what happens after you get out of the Holland Tunnel. You spend money and you spend some more.

Gosh - I am tired just reliving this day through typing. Then we went to the Blind Tiger. Where I ran into two different people I know and haven't seen in at least 3 years.  I ordered a Nebraska Brunette Nut Brown Ale. It was a mere 4.5%.  And reasonably priced at $6.50 for a pint. I was shocked.  I also got to try some Peekskill- the brewery that buddy Jeff O'Neill works for.  I enjoyed every sip. I also tried the Midnight Sun Meltdown, dbl IPA out of Anchorage, Alaska- also very good.

Then on to my favorite bar, 124 Old Rabbit Club on Macdougal.  They start the evening with some bubblegum 50s and move on to pretty much all Punk then New Wave.  Almost all craft beer. It's dark. People have referred to it as the PDT for craft beer people.  I don't know if I agree with that- but I can tell you again- it might be my favorite bar in the world. No Food. Cash only. 

Cannibal is a newcomer to NYC craft beer bar scene. They have to close at midnight because of a neighborhood ordinance. They have a little beer shop within the bar as well. There's a long communal table where people can meet some new folk and chat beer. The only thing the kitchen could make us was a meat and cheese plate-so I can't speak for the food. Lance actually named a beer for "The Cannibal" Eddy Merckx, so he was very intrigued by the notion of the spot - beer and cycling.  But I think we were too tired and it was too late to really appreciate it.

But just because you're tired doesn't mean you have to go home.  So we did round two at Paddy Reilly's.  Lance created a VINE there. So if you follow him on Vine you can check it out. He's also made me watch said Vine at least 20 times since he created it. 

My happy  overwhelmed with joy place
We woke up and packed up and it was time to head back.  We had one more meal in us and I chose a new bourbon bar, about a 10 minute walk from our hotel, named Maysville.  Eater NY said it was one of the "best brunches" this Spring.  I quickly took their word for it without even looking at the menu.  It was a little limited for us.  But the  music and a bourbon milk fizz made up for the service and limited menu.

After I had my last breakfast potato we still had 90 minutes to kill and we were a mere .4 miles from our beloved Gramercy Tavern. So we went for a pre-Bolt bus cocktail and dessert. When the strawberry pie first appeared- I was a bit nervous.  I have never been one for syrupy pie filling nor one for the graham cracker crust.  I like flaky and layered.  But I should never have a trace of a shadow of doubt in my head as long as I am at 42 E. 20th st. It was flawless.

The Bolt bus is a good way to go.  It's a few dollars more than the Mega bus. But it was almost like riding UBER with the black leather seats.  The Mega bus was nice- but just a li'l bumpier.

I'm far from an authority on the big apple. But please email me if you have any questions.