September 29, 2015


John Prine will be in Reading later this year at the Santander Performing Arts Center.
December 5th is the calendar date. Tickets/seating here.

John Prine 1990
As he shares before performing the song- he laments his second divorce and mentions how some good country songs are the result of sad situations. Most of us have taken that trip to Splitsville. Breakups take maturity and a sense of understanding that not everyone can muster at the moment. They're brimming with bitterness and resentment. There's an overwhelming sense of vulnerability and so many sleep-preventing "What if's?"  This is a wonderful song and I hear you Mr. John Prine- I've always felt "I've got so much love that I can not hide."

My Morning Jacket

And now for a real treat- double duty.
Here's both of them live on Letterman this past May.
Jim James of My Morning Jacket (performing as Yim Yames as he uses a pseudonym for the compilation John Prine cover album- Broken Hearts and Dirty Windows)

August 19, 2015

Two track: Series of Dreams

I haven't Tuesday two-tracked in quite some time. Spotify lead me to an album of Dylan covers... I fell hard for  "Series of Dreams" that was covered by the Yellowbirds. I'm exhausted so I won't elaborate but you should know I probably played this song at least 40 or so times this week. 

Bob Dylan recorded in 1989

July 14, 2015

The Journey to RAGBRAI

I first learned of RABGRAI (The Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa) on New Years day in 2008. My high school friend Jacey had mentioned it and then Lance Romance chimed in sharing that he had done it himself back in his twenties. Lance and I talked about it here and there but never submitted the application.  We were all talk and no action. Until now.  We applied  to particpate in the 43rd annual ride back in December.

Such an abundance of cycling enthusiasts show interest in the 450+ mile ride every year -that they have actually established a lottery.  I would find out on May 1st if I was one of the 8500 lucky people to experience the heat, headwinds, and hog of Iowa in July.  I was coincidentally on a "bikation" to the Oskar Blues bike farm in Brevard, NC with when I got the email confirming that I was in.
But no- the training did not start at that moment. I just worked my way through the Oskar Blues portfolio and a few Asheville watering holes instead.
I started to take it (somewhat) seriously about a month later. Lance and I rode 30 miles on Memorial Day.  I joined him on his commute to Iron Hill Chestnut Hill which he does  three times a week.
I did okay.  No personal records. No stroke.
I got miles in where I could. Whether on foot or wheels.  I started a 7 week beginners yoga class, cut out a lot of carbs, took my vitamins and juiced my little heart out.  I even eliminated all alcohol for two weeks straight (No- really- I did).
 I was down a few- but then went up to the brewery.
But then got back on track!
 Then it was 4th of July weekend.
But then got back on track!

Then I was in Maryland bikeless for four days.  I did run the first three days then managed to pull a groin muscle. You see the theme.

So now it's nearing midnight on July 14th.
We head west on Thursday night. Drive 14 hours to Davenport, IA. Saturday we hit the expo, hopefully see Huey Lewis and the News play "Stuck with you" and rise and shine at 5:30 am in Souix City to start our trek across Iowa.

I wonder what will happen first?
Cemetary sighting? Corn field? Bike Crash?  Or perhaps pie from a churchlady.  I will be documenting it all. I heard a rumor that ATT is spotty in Iowa and I totally believe it. So I will try to keep up with updates as often as I can- but won't know until I go. Wish me luck. Godspeed.

February 6, 2015

GALENTINES II Ladies celebrating Ladies

The Gals are getting back together.
Last year local Philly female beer reps got together to celebrate Galentines and raise money for The American Heart Foundation.

This year the annual event is taking place at the FIELD HOUSE on Filbert St. and we're trying to raise some dollars for Autism with the Kinny center as of beneficiary.

Galentines is a day Leslie knoll started on "Parks and Recreation." It's a day in which ladies get together and celebrate with their lady friends.

We're going to celebrate with each brewery having 40 different beers on draft starting at 6 pm.
At 8 pm there will be a "Cupid Strut" (think Cupid pageant).
We need CUPIDS to enter. (read: Please enter.)

Baskets will be raffled off with all sorts of brewery goodies throughout the night. Ladies from Smuttynose, Great Lakes, Ommegang/Boulevard, Flying Fish, YARDS, Dogfish, Firestone Walker, Oskar Blues, Evolution are involved. And of course I will be repping Allagash. covered it today and there may or may not be an embarrassing picture of me and Wendy dressed as Gladiators during "Throwdown in Franklin town" in 2013.

December 30, 2014

Be Hangover Free in 2015- I LOVE the sound of that.

The Borgata has kindly shared this infographic on Hangover prevention.

In a perfect world I would have:

 a) posted since September and
 b) posted this by last Friday so you had a chance to tweet #NYEnoHangover and win tickets to the Borgata for New Years Eve.
I just read the fine print and you had to have the tweets sent by yesterday at noon.

So better late than never won't work for you to visit AC on Wednesday night- HOWEVER these tried and true trips can still be of assistance hours after Auld Lang Syne has been sung.

September 2, 2014

Two Track Tuesday- The BARDOT Edition

I haven't done a Tuesday Two-track since last November honoring Neil Young's birthday. I have been too busy to blog. has been comatose and it's sad.  It's been so long that I may have to remind people what it entails. It's simple. Two versions of the same song with a theme of sorts.

The music of the recently-opened Bardot in Northern Liberties inspired me to revisit the Tuesday feature. I believe Serge Gainsbourg was playing at one point, Nina Simone at another. I thought about how many artists have paid tribute to the "Don't let 'her' be Misunderstood" jazz legend.

"Trouble in Mind" was originally played in 1924 by the pianist that wrote it, Richard M. Jones, accompanied by Thelma LaVizzo. Here you've got Nina adding her own ways to it in 1961.
She hit #11 on the charts. Many have covered it over the years- including Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Sam Cooke, and Jerry Lee Lewis...but I went with Janis Joplin as a shout out to Janis "impersonator," Smuttynose Jo who became an Aunt this week and can do Bobby McGee better than anyone you've ever met.

I can't promise you a fresh post tomorrow, but I can promise you that.

Videos are below then there's some more words on Bardot.


Janis Joplin

BARDOT is in the old space of Wine-O and Ministry of Information at 447 Poplar St.
 I never stepped foot in Wine-O. And Ministry- well let's just say they knew me.  My friend and lunch buddy Dennis Hewlett has taken the space and transformed it into a brilliant bar. As their twitter states: "It's a hideway for artists, dreamers, freethinkers, lovers and poets." Whenever we're at lunch we do a report card on service, food, ambiance, and company (I don't always get an "A") and if he ever reads this Dennis- I give BARDOT a solid "A." Gold star.

I can tell that this bar is an expression of himself.
A pendant lamp or portrait catch your eye?
He salvaged it.
Like Hunter S Thompson? So does he.
Bardot was one of the very few projects that Isaiah Zagar took on recently. Zagar is the talented mosaician (not a word ) I mean mosaic mural artist behind the Magic Garden on South St.
He brought in a chef, Rhett Vellner who's name you will see on  Philly foodsites and magazines as long as we are lucky to keep him in town. His food is outstanding and I can say this with legitimacy as I have eaten 90% of the menu.

Some might think of it as a date spot. Maybe even a "closing spot" as my friend Johnny GT used to say. The word that appears in most reviews so far is indeed "sexy." But my first trip included five people so we could pretty much traverse the entire menu. We ordered all the tartines (beef tartare is a must) most small plates,  two entrees and yes- dessert too.
Fromage Blanc Tartine wth Fig and Melon

This is from memory 10 days ago- but for me the standouts were The Falafel, The Octopus, The shrimp with White Gazpacho, the Duck Cassoulet, and the Eggs en cocotte with lamb.

If you like items with a dose of  decadence then you'll like the  Cauliflower au gratin.
Check it out when you get a chance.  They're open at 11 every day and also brunching on Saturday and Sunday.

I guarantee you regardless of day or night, you'll love every song. You'll love every bite.
(Full disclosure you can love an
 Allagash WHITE too;)
And if the report card convo comes up-
you'll probably give it a solid A.
Well-I guess that depends on your company.

Follow them on twitter for great quotes, and photos 

May 22, 2014

Philly Beer Week 2014 Allagash style

North 3rd
6-8PM Kicking off beer week with the tapping of ALLAGASH/IRON HILL collaboration “Camilla”

11-2PM Grey Lodge “Morning Wood” featuring all barrel-aged beers.
11-4:30 PM For Pete’s Sake ALLAGASH BRUNCH
2PM-6PM “Day of Games” City Tap House
8PM “Broads Brews and Queens” Smoking Bettys
4- close The Cambridge Dank, Dark Night featuring all dark beers that have been stashed from some stellar breweries.

2PM Kite and Key “Throwdown in Franklintown”
7PM “Girl Power Hour” Barly Chinatown
Join 12 local lady reps for dim sum and karaoke at Chinatown’s premier craft beer bar.

5PM Good Dog's 3rd annual “Ommegash it’s Allagang” Featuring the Belgian-style breweries of Allagash and Ommegang
8:30PM TIME  2nd annual Allagash Sausage Bash.
Chef Sean Magee creates the best of the wurst-awesome sausage pairings to soak up some of your beer week suds. I will work on my puns for next year.

ALL DAY: Village Whiksey Bourbon Barrel Aged beers featured.
5PM BRU: The Mainerd event featuring Allagash, Maine Beer and Oxbow!
5PM: Unos Chicago Neshaminy features Allagash.

12PM Tacos with Rob Tod at SANCHO PISTOLAS
7 PM “Say Cheese” at P.O.P.E. featuring the cheeses of Dibruno Bros.
Get your photo taken with the H.O.G. Maybe Rob Tod will photo bomb it.

12PM Join the lunch bunch at the Khyber pass pub. 14 Gash on tap!
4PM Brett three ways at TRIA TAPROOM with Rob Todd
7PM The 3rd annual Maine Event with RT
This year we’re headed to Philly’s “best new bar” (Philly Beer Scene Magazine) STRANGELOVES

12PM The Industry “Drinking and the Damage Done”
Neil Young tribute brunch.  I’ll be playing some Neil and friends on vinyl.


7-12PM T.T.U.D. “That totally unnecessary drink” - 6th annual Industry Karaoke party to celebrate survival of the most fit or most lit.

February 4, 2014

IPA Beer Club Revival this FRIDAY February 7th at City Taphouse

Join us on Friday  February 7th for a lil reunion. 
40th and Walnut.
5 pm.
If you can join earlier to talk about the future of the club- please do. I will arrive at the Taphouse at 4 pm.
ALL beer-loving ladies welcome as well as gentlemen.
Pay as you go.

December 30, 2013

Flipping through 2013 with Some Help from the Kinks

At the close of every year I write up a "year in review," best beer, bites, etc...
I might still do that- but I saw Flipagram- an app that could access my camera roll on my phone and take me through the year's moments set to music.  So here it is -=Trips to Chicago, San Diego, Charleston. Flat tires with Wendy, Beer mustaches with Lance, Allagash and all the niece and nephews you can handle.
Hope your 2014 is filled with even better things.


November 18, 2013