July 31, 2007

In Pursuit of Ale Website

I am the presiding drinker of womens' beer club in the fine city of Philadelphia.

In Pursuit of Ale meets every week, and for some reason...we get tons of publicity. But we still function off of a Myspace page.Until now...

My kind friends at Starfish Junction in NYC liked what we were doing so much they said, Suzanne, would you like us to create a website for you? Would i ever?

Andy said write an "about us" "events" contact" and links to our pals" and I am good to go.

This is my "about us"

Established in June of 2006, In Pursuit of Ale is a collective of women with a range in age as great as their professions and their pallets. They have declared their independence from mass produced swill…and have joined the pursuit of the world’s preferred potables.

The ladies of In Pursuit of Ale serve as a non-governing body giving a voice for women who thumbs down a lemon in their hefeweizen, who chose Cantillon over cosmos and beer festivals over shopping extravaganzas.

We embrace the craft in our own kitchens. We serve as brewsaders of sorts, educating the Philadelphia community on better beer, and guiding them through their experience of finding their new favorite fermentable. We want to convert even the most dedicated Pinot Grigio Drinker to a fine German Pilsner.

We meet biweekly, hopping around Philadelphia’s finest watering holes.

We like beer a lot. No, we love beer a lot. We run the gradient from geek to gorgeous. We're teachers,writers, scientists, graphic designers, accountants, nannies, servers, auditors, personal trainers, bartenders,salespeople.
Your new drinking buddy
Your dream come true.

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