August 21, 2007

Adventures in Brunch cont...

Last week, you may have read about my "sunday sinday" at LaCroix....
A decandent smörgåsbord of guilt, that I still have not fully recovered from.

I actually tricked myself into thinking I could eat a full brunch on Saturday with my beau. Lance Romance is a huge fan of Honey's Sit and Eat and why not? They made what I might consider the most perfect omelet know to man, a carnivorous man that is. A BRISKET omelet with Caramelized Onions and Pepper Jack cheese. Brisket. in . an. omelet. I was the happiest lady in all the land. That was my fourth of July feast.

This time I we decided on the Corn on the Cob (a crowd fav--- they were out of it on the 4th) Fried Green Tomatoes, and we would share an omelette with Ham, Cheddar and Green Apples. Lance is not too good at sharing, very good as stealing, not I was skeptical on how this arrangement would work out...He behaved and I enjoyed an array of flavors. Here is the corn on the cob smothered with a bbq sauce and shredded cheese. The accroutrement was appreciated but the actual kernels could have been better. We waited for our check a bit too long, but our friendly hungover server was kind enough to "forget" to put a few things on the check....Northward we went for dessert. Lance loves the housemade donuts at Johnny Brenda's. So in what may have been one of the best ideas I ever had (according to him) we ventured to Frankford and Girard where I was delighted to see not one, not two, not three, but FOUR sly fox drafts on. This hardly ever happens so I reveled in the temporary chalkboard domination.
We had our sly fox pints and then of course drank our buddy, Chris Brugger's Pale Ale from Troegs. It is one of their styles you don't see as often as Sunshine Pils, or Rugged Trail Brown Ale, so I was happy. It was spot on. The donuts were good, not as good as the cherry danish I had a few months back, but I think they are still working on recipe development.
Then it came time for me to be slightly industrious and wrap up my beer judging. I organized my scores and headed to the not so friendly 30th St. post office, where I was equally offended by the customer service as I was by the odors protruding the stifling air. Thank goodness I don't have to step foot in there till April 15th of next year...when I will have inevitable put my taxes off till the last minute.

So moral of the blog????....Brunch at Honey's (early enough that you miss the line before 11:00-if you get there and there is a line, kill time at the Latte lounge next door) Then donuts for dessert @ Johnny Brenda's. And if you decide to have a Bloody Mary at Johnny B's instead of a beer, that is way more than alright.....

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