August 16, 2007

Back to the Future

I gots to run to the garden state for the this will be brief.. just a snapshot of a few things I would write about if I had time...lucky for you..I have NO plans this weekend and i couldn't be happier...the house will get clean and I'll blog my little heart out.

This shot is from the Rock Paper Scissor City League Championship. April annie smack some fanny and myself (sassy kick some assy) are going to try and redeem ourselves with off season tournament play.

I will let you know how that turns out.
New bar opening up at 13th and Buttonwood. in just about a week it's going to be called Makers Local (you know, like your local bar) and it's going to be good. Just a few sandwiches on the menu thus far, but the juke box is going to be serving up some good tunes.

I have to give the scoop on a wonderful time I had at Lew Bryson's really old shit party...he went into his vault and pulled out some rather interesting stuff...and it was also nice to get away from the light pollution for a bit and hang out with some good folks outside of a bar for once.
Plus we go to vote on Sam Adams potential new releases AND ate some pretty good sausage made by Mr. Bryson himself.

I have to also write about what might now be the best burger in the city. A beer lass was behaving badly at Misconduct tavern last'll get the scoop when I have a second. (I am not sure If I am talking about time here, or a second burger).

Then Lastly, I will probably give the rundown on all the spots carrying Sly Fox's elusive Incubus.

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