August 9, 2007

Best corporate products according to my Tastebuds

I try to support independent businesses as often as, clothiers, cycling shops, breweries, etc...But once in a while, (a very great while, now that I am a mature woman...wink. )you find yourself at 2 in the morning at 7-11 and the taquito that you swore you would never make it to your esophagus, is suddenly wax paper bag and all, in your hand. Immediate regret.
But then there are those commercial products that I have sampled and thought to myself, geez, this is gold star material... Although it might come from Sweatshop city, this is absolutely delicious. Do you have any?
Here are a few examples...some are seasonal.

1.WaWa WaWa did start out small over a 100 years ago in Rural Pa. Their dairy farm was in Wawa, Pa. The town was named from a local Native American tribe in honor of their favored game - the Canada Goose.
I have tried all the varieties chocolate, strawberry, cappuccino and Vanilla. Chocolate is my favorite. I usually buy them when I am on my way to the brewery. I would say on average I have one every two weeks. I could have one every day and never tire. That was until I just went on Calorie King and found out (and I shouldn't be too shocked..) that they have 23 grams of fat, 14 of which are saturated and 77 carbs. I am by no means a carb counter, but I must reserve the starch for my beer.

***Best indy icey treat- Capogiro Pistachio Gelato. Franklin Fountain Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake isn't too shabby either..

2. Coconut Hershey kisses- this was a "limited time only" special release confectionary treat from our friends in hershey, pa. But with 13, 000 employees worldwide, they probably aren't making all the Chocolate in Dauphin county. This was the best thing the Easter Bunny could have brought me. Let's hope they land on the CVS shelves again next spring.
***Indy Candy?...go to the candy shoppe Chocolates by Mueller in the reading can even get pig shaped marzipan

3. Quiznos- Hands down, the best corporate sandwich take out. Their Prime Rib Peppercorn sandwich is stupendous. Mozzarella, Pepper corn Crusted beef and Caramelized Onions....Little pricey,but I'll buck up from time to time.

***Best indy sub ? Get the DIABLO from the foodery and 2nd and Poplar.)

More to come...


  1. WaWa shakes are good but's the ice tea, the normal one with lemon, I'm addicted too. I can drink about 10 of these a day. I'm a sucker for the cheap teas.

    Good Diablo style sub/hoagie try Primos Hoagies. Haven't haad one i awhile but man did that rock.

    Ok. I'm getting hungry with still 2 hours to go at work. Time to stop think of food.

    See you around & Cheers

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  3. I like it, Suzanne. Let's see...

    Best chain food when I have no options and gotta get something on the road: Wendy's chili. I like Wendy's chili better than any diner chili; it doesn't have the nasty acidic character most of them do, and when you add the hot sauce they have, it's not bad at all...for a spicy beef'n'bean stew.

    Best big-maker candy: the Hershey dark chocolate bar with the cacao nibs. A little crunch, a lot of flavor, and damn me if the nibs don't add enough fiber to make this a pretty reasonable Weight Watchers indulgence.

    Best yellow mustard: Plochman's. Beats French's ass. There really is good yellow mustard...but Coleman's is the shit.