August 13, 2007

The Brunch to end all Brunches

I truly had what I consider a once in a lifetime experience, which could be the Rittenhouse residents' weekly.
I don't think any part of my body could handle the lard-laden ecstasy that was my Sunday brunch experience at LaCroix again. Thus, the once in a lifetime label...
I had heard about this from my friend Casey Parker. Actually, the only thing he talks about more is his glam rock band, Welcome to my Face. Maybe his new bar, Jose Pistoles opening in two weeks (shameless plug).

It was my friend Jen's birthday, and her birthday party consisted of 16 people who loved her and had an extra eighty dollars lying around.
The brunch is advertised at $50 a head, but have a bloody mary (make your own for $11) and tax and tip and you're more at $80.
The dining room looks out over the square and you hope that you seem more prada purses than panhandlers, because the wave of guilt would interrupt your gluttony.

Jean Marie Lacroix bequeated his kitchen to rising star Mathhew Levin last fall.
That's some pretty big french footwear to fill, but he's doing it and doing it well.

The set up is buffet but definitely not one to steer clear from due to contamination concerns. Many of the items were actually in individual containers, bowls, shooters, etc...The salmon was so fresh I thought I was on a boat in Nova Scotia. One of the highlights of the first courses was a ganache covered fois gras. So rich, I could only eat half of the truffle sized savory confection as well as a lobster cappuccino garnished with tempura Asparagus...The carving station sliced up a lot more than just prime rib and could choose from Lamb chops, Wild Boar, Venison, Pork Belly, each with their accompanying sauces. Yucca Fries, Mini Au Gratin casseroles. Vegetable Napoleons, Mini savory Bread Puddings with Asiago and Artichoke...Proscuitto Wrapped Monkfish. Baguette French Toast. THEN...then...dessert.
They had this cheesecake foam that they dipped in Liquid Nitrogen for about a minute and it has a cold not quite ice cream texture with a surprise of Fresh berries throughout. Downright dreamy! They had an assortment of different chocolates and sweets.. an ice cream bar with home made vanilla and peanut butter ice cream...They also had a make your own bloody mary bar. you could chose from a Traditional spicy tomato juice, a Smoky Gazpacho mix, or a Thai chile basil. I chose the Basil. It was so refreshing. I just discovered Basil as an ingredient in beverages last week at Misconduct I have two locations for fresh from the garden drinking delight. It was a two and half hour gorgefest. And just when the sandman was not calling but screaming S-u-z-a-n-n-e, the notion was popped in our heads to go to Tria. This fermentation wonderland is hard for me to turn down typically, but nearly impossible on a Sunday when they do Sunday School. 1/2 off one wine, 1/2 off one beer and 1/2 one cheese. You get a little clip board with all the deets on the item so you can actually educate yourself if you choose to.
This Sunday was particularly great because they were trying to get rid of some of their back stock of "funky" beers. After sharing a Cantillon Iris, I moved on to a Japenese light white wine. I made the mistake of wearing a button down shirt that day...and I was just waiting for a button to pop off. I must have consumed 5,000 now was not the time to rest. My lad joined me in a bike ride around the Kelly drive/ West river loop to try and burn some of our indulgence off.

I don't know if I will ever put my digestive system through that challenge again. But you should...

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  1. i appreciate the praise this is matthew levin the chef at lacroix... next time you or any of you are in please stop and say hi, im always looking to chat with food lovers and anyone that enjoys what we do... thanks again and all please look for my upcoming interactive blog starting very soon. see you around town