August 20, 2007

Feeling Hot Hot Hot @ the Flying Saucer

My sister spent her senior year in high school in Valancia, where she acquired an affinity for spicy food. I never have. I am a bit of a wuss. As much as I love buffalo wings, I go mild. And when it comes to mustard - yellow over brown spicy any when we decided to share a bagel the other day we had to compromise.
I was desirous of cinnamon raisin she wanted the Jalepeno cheddar... I thought to spicy could a bread product be...Maybe flavorful, but not actually "hot."
I was mistaken as I reached for water to put out the fire. This was certainly a blog worthy bagel....

Said bagel was eaten at the Flying Saucer at 26th and Brown. Service is delightful, they have Byob movie nights on Tuesdays...and the owner, Troy and his mom are willing to play Rock Paper Scissors with me on demand...

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