August 7, 2007

How Sweet it is- Chris' s Jazz Cafe

I wrote this to my my foobooz friend, Art....

Have you ever seen talledega nights? The ballad of Ricky Bobby...
I thought that movie was hysterical.
They have one scene where they go around the diner table discussing what their personal "sweet baby jesus" is.

Well last night I discovered mine. (just kidding of course because I am catholic but you get the point....)

I went into Chris's Jazz Cafe to sell them some Sly Fox, and I had the most wonderful experience. My bar neighbors were as friendly as engaging, and my bartender couldn't have been kinder.

It's interesting because their biz cards say, "Best of Philly 2001" so they will have to get them changed to reflect this year's duplicated honor. ( jazz venue 2007)
They recently renovated. They upgraded their soundsystem and opened up space in the back for the bands to play.
But none of that relates to food or booze, does it?
No, my tip for you is the sweet corn risotto. you can get it as a side dish for $3.95 or with the Chicken dish. As they bartender stated they have a rather progressive menu for a jazz venue.
I love sweet corn.
I love Risotto and
I love Chris's for combining the two.

I recommend seeing a show soon. Most tickets are $8.
And they are pouring the O'reillys Stout in the not so distant future!

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