August 27, 2007

Towanda or Bust? Bust.

I headed to Towanda, Pa this weekend for special friends' nuptials. I was truly looking forward to seeing the pair tie the proverbial you can imagine my disappointment as I snapped this picture of the wedding from 300 feet away.

I left with more than enough time. We did stop at a few rest stops, where lance decided that there's something that triggers moronic behavior the minute they approach the entrance. "Do I want Roy Rogers? McDonalds? Nathan's hot Dogs? maybe just a cup of coffee? Should I pick up a map, use the restroom? because I really dont' have to "go" yet....
WE then miss a turn in a place called DAllas, PA. And we ended up at Lake Harvey. Which would have been nice sight seeing if the wedding wasn't in say - 30 minutes.

WE arrived about ten minutes into the wedding. We left Philadelphia soo early that we were due to be at least 35 minutes early even with the rest stops. I couldn't believe we were missing it.

I was rather roasty over the situation, so I decided to get a little toasty. I love the wedding buzz. Everyone's so damn happy. People that you might never talk to are suddenly walking you to the bathroom and telling you how great you look and how happy they are that your mutual friend, relative, married.

Considering that the couple met at a Belgian beer bar, I was a bit surprised that the selection was limited to Yuengling, Miller lite, and Labatt Blue. I opted champagne till the well was dry. And whiskey. Different kinds of whiskey. Powers and Tully were definitely arguing the next day.
Note: do not think this combination will be as appreciated at 11 am the next day.
After a few minutes we discovered a homebrew specially made for the wedding.. A black chocolate stout and a raspberry ale meant to top off the stout Perfect. I was in Heaven. Towanda was suddenly heaven. Copious amounts of champagne ( I LOVE champagne) great friends and Neil Young's Harvest Moon calling us out to the dance floor.
WE took the bus back with the gang that was staying at the comfort Inn. We weren't originally going to spend the night so we didn't reserve a room. We decided Thursday we would. WE ended up with a rustic cabin on a campground. Upon our arrival to dear Towanda, we decided not to do that. We looked into shady motels, and found one not so shady. Apparently they just did major renovations last year. Towanda Motel.
That is the photo on the right.

My head was pounding and the idea of driving back was enough to make me nauseous if I wasn't already. I apologized nonstop to Lance who would have to take the wheel for the next four hours.... I simply said, Towanda brings out the worst in me" He laughed and said, "You went to Towanda and all you got was this lousy hangover."

I can confidently say I will never step foot in Towanda again. No way. no how. Same goes for the disastrous duo of Champers and Whiskey.

I did have a wonderful time, and if the bride and grooms' eyes have stumbled upon this...sorry I was late, and the strawberry shortcake cupcakes were delightful! Congrats!

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  1. Great blog about the wedding. Towanda was def. a one time experience. Also, just so you know the two beers were brewed by our friend Tim Brown for the happy couple and the cupcakes were made by Katie Dunphy and Carly Chelder for them as well. I just thought I would give them a shout out. Hope to see you in the city soon. Keep on blogging.