August 22, 2007

ICHOR do you CHOR?

My friends Chris and Katie are saying "I do" this Saturday in some Northern Pennsylvania town called, Towanda. I stopped telling people where the wedding was because everyone thought I was going to Africa.
They announced their engagement at the turn of the year while we were drinking the final hours of 2006 away. I was absolutely honored when they asked me to emcee their wedding that same night. I was a bit nervous to say yes, but I did, and decided it would be a good time.

I was a bit blue when I found out that one of our favorite Sly Fox accounts, the Grey Lodge had picked the 24th, the Wedding eve to do a Sly Fox promotion, "Ichor do you Chor?"

Scoats, the esteemed lodgemaster, came up with the nutty notion that we get a bunch of care bears and design them up with our respective logos and instead of care bears they would be morphed into CHOR bears, stuffed animals for adults the care about great beers.

Back to the nuptials...the bad news is Katie's Ipod broke, and her parents made her get a DJ last minute..The good news is I don't to leave for the non-African town now and I am able to attend the event, so I am writing to try and get as many people to come out as possible. It's from 6-9 at the grey lodge this Friday, the 24th... you should know where it is, but just in case
We'll be featuring one of the years last halves of Ichor, our abbot style quadrupel, our cans, and a few remaining bottles of Christmas Ale.
Note: The above image is not
nearly as cool as the real thing...just my measly photoshopped effort.

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