August 6, 2007

IPA + RPS AN Acronymal Experience!

Next Thursday, the 16th, Meet up with the In Pursuit of Ale women at National Mechanics. It's a sensational bar (yep sensational… you can only say great so many times) by 3rd and Market.

It's that bank turned know that was revived four times each concept worse than the one before.. need I remind you of Dead Fred's? It was most successful actually as REVIVAL back in the day.

The bank was the Mechanics National Bank, so the owners went back to the roots of the locale,and they've done, once again, a sensational job.

The place is quite spacious, all wood atmosphere, local craft on tap, and FOOD. Bar food. But pretty damn tasty bar food. Burgers and Veggie BURGERS will be only $5 All night. YARDS are $3 and if you want to slum it, PBR's will be $2.

Check out their menu (and beers) at

We'll have our typical meeting, but feel free to get there a bit later and stay a bit later, because come 9:00 pm, National Mechanics will be turned into a Rock Paper Scissors Off-season tournament playground.

And as most of you know of my affinity for the sport- it IS a sport…., I simply can't wait.

There will probably be a minimum charge for participation, but you might get a chance of taking home the cash prize!

There will be a whole community of RoSHamBO players to meet.

Perhaps a lad or two…Who knows?

APril Annie and I already have our "street names." So get yours ready.It's kind of like being a professional Wrestler sana steroids and camera tricks.

This is one of the Delaware Valley's most anticipated events of the year, or at the very least, one of my most anticipated events of the year.

This meeting will take place on a THURSDAY- August 16th

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  1. oh, it's a sport.

    get ready world, sassy's gonna kick some RPS assy!