August 28, 2007

Jose Pistolas - tomorrow!!!

TOmorroW Night.. next door to McGlinchey's, just up from 15th and Spruce, Jose Pistolas will be in full effect.
Everybody said they would never open on time, so they have done everything possible to do just forgive them if something seems a bit out of place...
With a few tripels and tacos in you..I am sure you will.
Come any time after 8.
They will be open for lunch every day as well.


  1. I like how close this is to my workplace. I'll have to check it out soon!

  2. A very enjoyable bar, but i was sad to find Oktoberfest not yet on tap.

  3. My friend Katie took me to Jose Pistola's. I missed the old Copa Too, at first. This place rocks! I'm a Mexican food junkie. My gf is an ESL teacher at an all Mexican school in Wilmington. I've had the best homemade Mexican food you can imagine. Jose Pistola's, no joke, is great even if it's a gringo bar! :)

    There beer selection is beyond top notch! If you have Jolly Pumpkin Brewing Co. in big bottles, you rock. Jose Pistolas rocks!