August 21, 2007

Livin la vida local!

Pour a drink, tell a joke, make your money....There are a lot harder jobs that bartending...Paul and Kelly are finding that out as they open their own place at 13th and buttonwood, Maker's Local.

The veteran bartenders Paul Browning (puller of taps at the Standard for many years ) and Kelly of Copa Too! had their work cut out for them after the Carriage House (the former occupant) poured it's last beer.

They had to build a new bar, put in a new ceiling and rehab the the whole spot sans the tiles.

I asked Paul about the name "Makers Local"...he said they were tossing a few ideas around over a bottle of Makers mark.. They knew their intent was to put all local beer on draft and they liked the idea of going to your local bar...and there it was...

After a year of delays and construction they are more than excited to pour beers, tell jokes and make you want it to be your very own local.

Look forward to drinking Yards, SlyFox, Victory and other philly favs. Limited kitchen to start and one might fine juke box to boot. Doors should be open this weekend.

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