August 21, 2007

My best friend Johnny

I was on my favorite website the other day,, that's when I noticed that my bff, johnny himself, announced we, him and I were in an official fight.
It appears his feelings were hurt that I didn't share with him the fact that I transplanted my ramblings from Myspace to a more official Space here on Blogger.
His ill fillings towards me really struck a chord.
Johnny is one of my oldest friends in the city. We used to sport colonial threads together. Him in his knickers, me in my chemise, we served up Lobster pie and forged a friendship that has most certainly stood the test of time, relocation, money, relationships, quizobowls.
I love him like a brother. I have the highest respect for his Rock Paper Scissors skills and his bar entertaining abilities. There is no one I would rather admire Nature Boy Ric Flair with. I would even let him choose which side of the best friend charm he wanted. Doesn't matter. I'll take the be/ fri or the st/ end... Please enjoy these photos documenting our special friendship.
Below is johnny, his friend Megan and me in Charlotte (that's right johnny and I take road trips together) Next to that is a young johnny sporting his "Kiss me I have leprosy shirt" at his birthday party. On that particular road trip we got Iron on T-shirts made in Farmville, Va.
My favorite is the one where were eating Corn Dogs. Nothing says best friend like photographing yourselves eating CornDogs.
Jerry and Elaine have nothing on us.

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