August 22, 2007

Once Upon a Taco

I enjoy tacos.
I enjoy soft shelled tacos much more
than Hard Shell.
I actually prefer most Mexican food with Flour Tortilla over Corn.... I don't really need enchiladas in my life, and I don't think I could even go on without a simple quesadilla at least once a week. (Good dog, Yell O'bar).
So you see I have an opinion, but it's wasn't as strong as my pizza opinons or my burger opinions. Until now...

It's kind of like that song "I wanna know what love is, and I want you to show me..."Who sang that? Foreigner- I think...You really don't know what it is until you're in it.

Trevor Budny, executive chef, at the soon to open, as in one week away, Jose Pistolas (15th and Spruce), showed me what a taco was. I mean look at this picture, besides the fact that I should start shooting for Bon Appetit magazine (not bad for a 6.0 mp).

This is a close up of the pulled chicken taco in the house red sauce (kind of like a mole) topped with Diced Onion and Cilantro. So simple. So delicious. Tomorrow we are trying the Pork tacos which are said to have mexican cola, oj, and star anise in the mix. There are not one, but two shells, to pay homage to the authentic street fare in Mexico.

I was inspired to start my taco research as soon as I got home...I found out there was a movie made in 1998 called Taco Heaven, there's this guy running around called Taco Tim and Taco Tim has a whole TACO LEGION!
Check it out,
Meanwhile, do you have any taco favorites you would like to comment on?

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  1. i love stout. and i love tom waits. great taco photo.