August 21, 2007

Paper Covers Rock

Sometimes I think my friend April and I have the most fun two gals can have...other times I swear we are 29 going on 13. She even sports a ring that would convince the masses that she's domesticated and should be at home instead of out and about on a Thursday evening trying to outsmart opponents by throwing "Rock back to back.
She even devoted her off season Rock Paper Scissors tournament play to Madonna on the Diva's birthday. (you can even see Madonna crawling on her shirt on the left)

I have never been a huge fan of the constantly reinvented stage gracer. I might envy her body- better than mine twenty years my elder, but I have never bought a cassette or a concert ticket.
So even I took myself by surprise as I sang old hits like Borderline and Like a Virgin in support of April's evening dedication.

We gathered at National Mechanics on 3rd St. Just south of Market. It's been around about a year and a half. Which is at least a year longer than some of the other efforts that took place there. Such as Dead Freds. It's a gorgeous old bank building and finally a bar that you would actually want to give your money to.

I.P.A. (In Pursuit of Ale) the women's beer club of Philadelphia, sponsored the tourney in conjunction with the PBRRPSCLCS (Pabst Blue Ribbon Rock Paper Scissors City League championship series). It was a night of Acronymal Excellence.

Newbie, April Annie Smack Some Fanny, and Myself, Sassy Kick Some Assy all made it into the second round. Newbie and April Annie continued to advance as I took a second round defeat to Mike L. (who doesn't have a good RPS street name).
Seriously, Mike L, Pull it together! Half the fun of the sport is coming up with a name that would make Junkyard Dog (r.i.p.) and the rest of the steroid induced professional wrestlers proud. Mike L was there representing the Beer Club of Philadelphia, a Co-ed group, three months young that would like to do more events with the ladies of I.P.A. He went on to take second place that night, only to be bested by Tropical Storm Erin (note the great name).

The night saw some of the fan favorites such as El Toro De papaya, PJ rhymes with Sausage, and Rock Doctor. The 3rd best RPS player in the world was also there defeated in the second round.

We'll get Mike L next time around...we just hope the YARDS are still $3.

If you would like to See April Annie smack some fanny take down her opponent go to this link and click on the arrow for the video.

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