September 17, 2007

Big Apple Beer Fest

I headed up to the big apple for the sold out New York Brewer's Association's Beer Fest at the South Seaport. It was a great spot for an outdoor fest, right on Pier 17 overlooking the East River separating Manhattan from Brooklyn. The festivities started at 5:00- the Friday happy hour of my dreams!

I took the R7 to Trenton then NJ transit into Penn Station. $25. Then a $20 cab ride to the Pier.
It was a bit pricier than I wanted, but the peace of mind perhaps was worth it...One of my favorite pastimes is drinking Sly Fox cans on public transportation (because they look like canned energy drinks.)
Septa is none the wiser.

I had my phone on me, but even if someone rang I couldn't have dropped anything off. I listened to my ipod, had a long overdue session with David Sedaris, and drank the most refreshing Pikeland Pilsner ever.

I drank two cans on the way up, then gave one to my cab driver. We had struck up a good conversation when he asked me what I was doing in the city. When I told him, he responded with, "Is your beer any good?" I thought he should taste the lovely liquid for himself. So I supplied him with my last can of Phoenix Pale Ale. As I handed it to him, a cop was on our right and in the cutest Armenian accent ever, he said, "are you trying to get me arrested?"

The festival was great, somewhere around 58 NY breweries. I enjoyed the South Hampton IPA. perfectly balanced. I actually worked the majority of the night, so I drank more Phoenix Pale ale than anything else. I wish I would have tried some of the Captain Lawrence beers (some nice folks I met at Ommegang).

Unfortunately our booth was the second closest to the stage. It was hard to communicate with drinkers as I tried to explain the cascade of the O'Reilly's stout to them. Fortunately, some of my favorite guys from South Hampton Publik House were about, entertaining at their best.
We headed to a bar to watch the Yankee/Sox game. We got there right after the Yankees had taken the lead. I was just at the Phils game last week. Thursday, thanks goodness, I don't think I could have handled the 12-0 shut out by the Rockies on Wed. night.

I quickly learned there's nothing like being in New York to witness a Boston-Big Apple match up. The USA today has called it the fiercest rivalry in sports. Less than a month ago, the Yankees shut them out on their home turf in a five games. But you could still sense the chip on their shoulders that has weighed in since the American League Championship Series in 2004 when the Sox defeated the Yankees in the 7th game.

New York was victorious Friday night, narrowing the Sox Division Lead by 4 1/2 games.
We headed to a place called Paris after that, which was your typical english style pub despite the city it's named for. We drank Weinhestephaner and had a smörgåsbord. Just when my eye lids we're heavier than the Yankees chip, Ryan announces the cross city trek to the Blind Tiger. I should have known what I was getting myself into hanging out with the Neibhur brothers. Ryan tell me not to be a wuss and it's off to Bleeker we go. The boys were drinking their Southampton aged Imperial porter. As enticing as that sounds, I opt for the O'reillys Stout due to it's lower abv. Slept decent and met up with the O'Reilly clan for lunch the next day.
Went to a place in the village called, Woggie's. The concept was what's deemed our city's best sandwich in what's deemed the best city in the world.

So a cheese steak bar in New York City.
I opted for the "Oscar steak," which had steak, eggs, peppers, provolone, bacon and sauteed mushrooms.
It was pretty good-- especially after a night of drinking. But the gingerale was even better.
Stay tuned to for all upcoming beer events.

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