September 10, 2007

Blue Monday

"6:00 already, I was just in the middle of a dream…. I was kissing valentino by a crystal blue Italian stream"….so sings the Bangles. Bob Gedolf sings “I don’t’ like Mondays, I want to shoot the whole day down." New Order sings 'bout a "Blue Monday," but it's really just about disappointment in a relationship. It would be weird to say I had a relationship with my motor vehicle, but it did however let me down. I awoke extremely ambitious on Monday, to start my week's Sly Fox mission. With Octoberfest available and the Black Razz Reserve a week away, I had plenty of good stuff to talk about out there....I went to turn my car on, and n o t h i n g. The worse silence I have ever heard.

I just returned from the poconos. My boyfriend drove- so my car sat on n . 26th st all weekend. I locked it but the back door was slightly ajar so the light was on and the battery died. I have already been having problems with the "suzaru" lately…And this was the proverbial icing. I have been drivin on 3 out of 4 I needed to see double
a-m-c-o again anyway...

Now, I have to get a cab home to South Philly. It's 65% humidity and 85 degrees but in my jeans and sweater it feels like 185. I am truly miserable.

"And I still find it so hard
To say what I need to say
But Im quite sure that youll tell me
Just how I should feel today"

I feel miserable. I am so hot, and parched, and the only thing I can drink while I walk looking for the cab weighed down with three bags is hot coffee. The minute I get into the cab, I smell that he just finished a cigarette a minute prior. so the air is beyond stifling.
Besides the fact that I have secured transportation back to Broad and Federal, I feel defeated.

"And it ain't so neat to admit defeat,
There could be (no reasons)
Because there are (no reasons)
What reasons do you need, oh,
i don't like Mondays."

But I must go on...I send out some emails, rent my philly car share for the day and see some accounts. I have to be at my second job at 6. I am going to miss my BJCP test, but already know I can make it up on November 17th. I am a bit bummed since I organized the class...but I needed to get off the next week for a Sly Fox dinner, and I didn't want to get off two weeks in a row. This gives me more time to get a 60%.

As I rush to my house after the cab, i spill the hot coffee on my new blue sweater (see above photo for faint stain.) Then later on while speedwalking back to my house to change for work, I trip, and break my shoe.
Work was good, I made some loot, but didn't get to bed till the wee hours, and had to be up early to fix my car. Tuesday morning, I get the car motor around on sales calls in the rain all day, until I can find someone to help my jump my car. I decided to call on an industry peer, dan conway of foodery fame, to help me out. He assists, but to no success...the car still won't start.
Aw, "come off it," it's tuesday...things are supposed to be on the up and up... I start to think about the death of the day..and how Wednesday only a day away. Dan gives me a lift for some sales in Northern Libs and after chatting with the standard tap folks, things seem like they are going to be okay...or maybe it was the Incubus (again ;)

Cat Stevens has now replaced New Order in my head....

"Now every second on the nose, the humdrum of the city grows.
reaching out beyond the throes of our time.
We must try to shake it down. Do our best to break the ground.
Try to turn the world around one more time. "
Whoa, Where do you go? When you don't want no one to know?
Who told tomorrow-- Tuesday's dead."

Stay tuned for updates:
-Will the owner of my local coffee shop be the one to jump start my car or Will Dan take another shot?

-Will I ever drive my car again?

-Will Philly Car Share add ten more pods to the city because they are making so much money off of me?

-Will the stain come out?

-Will a fifth person remake "I don't like Mondays?"


  1. I'm sure the stain will come out. (OxiClean or Spray N'Wash Oxygen action will do the trick- even on a cold wash/delicate cycle.)