September 27, 2007

If Willy Wonka, Emilio Dibruno and Garrett Oliver got together....

"Ah, this is the life," I thought to myself last Saturday afternoon. I feasted on chocolate and cheese, and drank beer all in one sitting...and one hour before I had to leave for yet another wedding might I add.

Most ladies are at the salon or wrapping a gift last minute. Not this beer lass...I found myself with lance romance in tow at one of my favorite Philadelphia spots....the South Philly Tap Room (SPTR.)

A tap room so great, I wish for Philly's sake there was a WPTR, a NPTR... you get the point.
In addition to having a great list and interesting bar fare prepared by Chef Al Anderson, they are dibbling and dabbling in special events to coerce beer aficionados to take the trek to 15th and Mifflin...

Most recently, they launched their monthly chocolate and cheese pairings... advertised by the 1994 Ween "Chocolate and Cheese" album-giving a lil' shout out to local New Hope group that hit it pretty big. See pic. The SPTR's flyer was customized though, and had SP and TR where the WE and EN are on the young lady's belt. (Is that a belt?)

Patrons could get one pairing for $10, three for $20 or do the entire line up for $35.

The south philly haunt served up chocolate ranging from dark chocolate shavings, to chocolate raisin clusters and maltballs.
Sponsors were Mullers Chocolates (reading terminal) and Naked Chocolate Cafe (13th and Walnut).
Cheese was provided by Philly's favorite cheese mongers, Dibruno Brothers.
The JK Scrumpy Cider (Michigan) was paired with a Yorkshire Cheddar.
Sly Fox Black Raspberry Reserve was paired with a Coffee Chocolate and a Stilton. (who would have thunk? stinky and sweet?)
Milk Chocolate was paired beautifully with the Carnegie Stark Porter.
Troeg's Pale ale was matched up with another bleu and the aforementioned Malt balls.

I ran into some industry folk there- Tom B. from Muller Distributors, and his former head honcho, Carol Stoudt.
Carol had her tresses ready for Breast Cancer Awareness month, with spunky rays of hot pink throughout. (sorry no pic,but it was really cute.)
We made it home in time to put on my face and wait outside for our cab...we used Flying Fish Head Brewer, Casey Hughes, private escort, Bill.
Bill was great. Lance thought he was a bit talkative. But he got the job done. He drove us to Media for $40. Not a bad deal, right?
I thought to myself afterwards, "what do him and casey talk about?"
Apparently Bill doesn't drink because he was shot and axed in the head 23 years ago. Once destined to be a landscape architect, he now enjoys driving a cab and making sure people get to where they need to go safely after a night of beverages.

The wedding was at the Tyler Arboretum in Media. It was beautiful. Lance promised me he would take me back there when we could stroll around a bit more.

The signature drink was the apple martini. We all imbibed. What other time could you get away with this? It was like "when in rome" or "when at an apple themed wedding..." The chartruse number was followed by multiple Sierras, some chardonnay, and of course champagne. I became the bartenders' best friend. It seemed no matter where I was, they (james and laurel) would find me and hand me a bottle of champers. I was the cool kid at the high school dance.

Cool kid was, once again, not feeling so cool the next day. Poor Lance had to drive me to work and pick me up in a mere three hours, when I decided I couldn't talk about the braised pork nachos with the same fervor I usually had.
I felt bad. I thought about how I could salvage our relationship...and I concluded it would have to be fish tacos.
One swordfish and one snapper. Success!
We ended up at Triumph later that night...where we walked into the mad crowd of Sippers by the river.
It took me an hour and a half to drink 2/3 of an Oktoberfest. Someone asked me what was wrong, and I said,
"I've been sick all day." They replied with an "Oh no, are you okay?"
I felt bad about them even having a second of sympathy for me.
I chuckled and said, " Don't worry about me, I am "wedding sick."
Thank goodness wedding season is done, and I probably won't interface with veuve cliquot anytime soon.

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  1. Thats is so funny. I use Bill all the time. He is definitely talkative but it is nice to have a cab drivers cell phone when you need one.