September 4, 2007

Labor Day adventures with the CANSTATTER

My Labor Day adventure lead me to Northeast Philadelphia for the 135th Canstatter Volkfest-Verein. The literature distributed at the event claimed in was the largest ethnic fest of its kind in the EAST. It was an octoberfest of sorts a bit early. I was there in good company to get in on all the action packed excitement.
Fruit columns!
Awful German wines!
Sly FOX Octoberfest!
Shopping....always better after a few beers!
Fake Elvis!
Couples who can't stand each other forced to spend a few hours together sharing bratwurst platters!
A band doing "Dion" covers!

The Volkfest is a three day long festival taking place every year on Labor day weekend. I got involved because my brewery, Sly Fox, sponsored it.
I woke up on Labor day morning, and my first thought was to call my partners in crime and have a labor day adventure. I knew that the VP of my beer club, April, would be up to it. Any excuse to wear a costume...
I used to work for a very talented German Chef. So I know a thing or two about their cuisine.
I will say that The bratwurst was excellent...but the Potato Salad was a tad oily, and the latke, the greasiest thing I have ever consumed outside of Five Guys burgers.
Two quick highlights:

*April participated in the carnival game where you have to use the hammer and bang something as hard as possible. See above pic.
*The fake Elvis serenaded each one of us during his show under the "big tent."
Viva Las Vegas right there at Academy at Frankford!
To learn more about the oldest German Social Organization in Philadelphia see..

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