September 18, 2007

"Life Should be this Simple"

Recognize that tagline?
It can be seen in 31 outlets across Pa, NJ, and Delaware.
I see it almost every morning when I drop Lance Romance off at 30th st. station. Give up?

Bucks County Coffee Co.

BCC has become the coffee of the Mid-Atlantic region. I try to support local, independent businesses as often as possible. BCC has gotten a bit too big to claim that, but they still maintain an excellent product- using coffee from 3 different roasters..they also have a pretty enticing breakfast sandwich.

At 30th st., your options are Dunkin, Micky d's, Au bon Pain, or Bucks Co. Bucks co gets my $1.65. And around this time of year, they get my $3.45 because they have their Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Which on a morning such as this with the slight whisper of fall in the air, hits the proverbial spot.

I used to work on the well-embraced Buy Fresh Buy Local campaign. I walked all over this city in the late fall of 2005, getting local retailers excited about supporting each other. I can't get excited about the green mermaid. I don't care for her coffee, her defrosted bake goods aren't good enough for bird feeding at Rittenhouse, and her cookie cutter stores lack the character that special places like the retired Pond had. I know Bucks Co. isn't oozing character either, but it's nice to have an alternative each morning in the commercial marketplace.

Starbucks can now boast 14,000 stores worldwide. They just opened up one in Russia a few weeks ago...Their goal is not to rest until 40,000.
ugh. The good news is I found a great site of people who dislike this borderline monopolistic coffee chain as much as I do. One of the commenters, ID, is even "wage slave."

Back to the mid-atlantic not so scary monster, Bucks County coffee....they have opened a hospitality center in Langhorne, where you can go on Saturdays and watch the coffee being made..... kind of cool, not nearly as cool as free beer at a YARDS tour, but....

Do you have a favorite coffee shop? I am by the Italian Market, so Gleaners ( just south of 9th and christian) or Bennas at (8th and wharton) get my vote. If I am visiting Lance, the Flying Saucer at 26th and Brown. The owner will even play rock, paper, scissors with me.

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