September 28, 2007

Nothing Silly About It

As you have probably heard by now, the Phillies took the Braves last night to advance to tie for first place in the National League East.(6-4)
I know I read or heard somewhere in the last 24 hours, that proud Philadelphians should paint the city red today in honor of our first place Phillies.
Did you know that the Phillies have gone through 26 LOGOS since 1900?
The one on the left features athletes in colonial garb. This was the logo during the year I was born, so I decided to feature it. You can check out Chris Creamer's Sports Logos for the rest.
I am too busy to make it to the last home games of the regular season this weekend...but if you go have a hot dog and Sly fox for me.

Here's a pic of fellow IPA member, April, and me from the
IN Liquid Art Auction last night. Just in case I can't find any red today.

Sly Fox sponsored the IN Liquid art auction to the benefit of The Abigail Rebecca Cohen Foundation which supports disadvantaged youth through arts education. I don't get the opportunity to appreciate the visual arts too much beyond graphic design on a beer bottle or tap I had a terrific time.

Lance was too excited about his new wheels to do anything outside thinking about his new gold hubcaps spinning round and round.
Alas, April was my "date."

I don't think I was supposed to take photographs inside the building....but I couldn't help it. I noticed I offended at least one person...
On the flip side, other people were intrigued by our curiosity with this object to the right and played along with our guessing game. Christine said it was an electric-heliophonic eggometer.
April guessed "swanky birdfeeder potentially popular in Stockholm."
Any guesses...

Also interesting was this jailbird buddha.

The night wrapped up with a burlesque show, the Peekaboo Review.
It was evident that the crowd didn't over do it on the pale ale, royal weisse, or Pravda vodka because the hooting and hollering was kept at a minimum despite the seductive strip teases.
I -too- did not over do it as I was in bed by 11:15 with a to do list written by 5:20 this morning.
Not too shabby.

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