September 10, 2007

A round of applause for Mr. and Mrs. Ohst!

Back up to the Poconos for wedding #4 this season. My brewer, Tim Ohst, was saying I do, to Casey Shantz at the Sterling Inn. We made excellent timing getting there an HOUR early. We were staying in the guest house. I was a bit weirded out when we first go to the room and I noticed all my childhood bedroom furniture. I said to Lance Romance, they stole my furniture!

We arrived with enough time to enjoy the Nogne Brown ale we had been saving...
Have you seen those bottles popping up a great shops like Capones or the Foodery...they look like this. It was my first Norwegian Beer. And a Norwegian Craft beer, that doesn't believe in Pasteurization or Filtration. It had a nice roasty, malt character as expected from a true brown ale.....a bit low in alcohol compared to some of my favorite brown ales (troegs rugged trail)...but that's okay, we had a long night (of Incubus) ahead of us...

The ceremony was nice. It had a few personal touches....As I scanned through the program, I noticed they would be playing the song, "all I want is you." I was very excited and a tad miffed at the same time...I don't know if I will every be lucky enough to wear white and walk an aisle, but if I do..."All I want is you" is a contender for my "wedding song." But the song I immediately thought of was Tom Waits, "All i want is you." It ended up being U2's AIWIY, which is a completely different all was right in South Sterling again. My childhood bedroom furniture was stolen but my potential wedding song was still up for grabs. Side note: I then Realized that the TW song is just "I want you." which we could confuse with Bob Dylan..I digress...
On to the reception...I thought I would most certainly behave myself after my Towanda experience...but with endless amounts of Sly Fox to be consumed, that would not be the case. I did remain whiskey and champagne free though. Draft pouring duty called at 10:30 in the am back in I really had no choice.
I thoroughly enjoyed dinner and the accompanying music...the night was moving along quickly, Music picked up tempo following cake... I am not a mover, nor a shaker when it comes to the dancefloor. I am perfectly content sipping my beer and engaging in conversation with someone. It was to my surprise that a few songs in to the drunk dancing portion of the evening, my boss's wife had dragged him out to dance floor. There he was cutting a rug to Bob Seger, while ironically enough Mr. Seger sings" don't try to take me to a disco, you'll never get me out on the floor...the same music ain't got the same soul..I want that old time rock and roll" A wedding classic.

I sat in my chair enjoying the O'reillys "dancing with the brewing stars."when out of nowhere in a sneaky attempt to get me to join, Brian sends his wife over to play on my weakness...rock. paper. scissors. I confidently agreed. If she won I would show off my not so fancy footwork. If I won, status quo-I would continue to sip on my black raspberry reserve and enjoy people watching.

I am up a throw..I am thinking, "I totally got this"...and in a second, I totally didn't. And in another second I am rocketing out of my chair as Whitney triumphantly leads me out to the dance floor. Lance romance grins and gets the camera ready. This is awful... Lucky enough it's jitterbug material and anyone can dance to it. By the end of the night Lance joins in with his own choreographed number reminiscent of a move Frankenstein might try.

Highlight of the night, is when I convinced the music making dj to play Sugar Sugar from the Archies....perfect way to end the night...a song that truly soothes my soul.

"Early to bed, early to rise." I followed good Ben's advice and was in bed by the strike of 12.
I awoke the next morning--could've felt better, could've felt worse. I probably drank a bottle of Incubus, a bottle of the razz, and a bottle of the saison, preceded and followed by Octoberfest.
If only every wedding was a sly fox sponsored event...congrats to Tim and Casey.

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  1. If every wedding was a Sly Fox event, No one would have a liver left. And don't forget, Jughead was the musical backbone of The Archies.