September 4, 2007

So you're at Jose what?

This is the downstairs bar at the new Mexicana Watering Hole wonder, Jose Pistolas. The cow skull centered on the mirror is pretty much the only schticky thing....the rest of the decor is clean and simple with a fresh lime green and cocoa brown contrasting just perfectly. Oh, and tiny live cacti on all the tables.
Still working out a few things...the hand pump is not operating just yet, and no credit cards. They are still tweaking the menu and will be offering nightly specials in the not so distant future. A few recommendations if I may....

*The Petrus Pale Ale (aged in oak barrels)
*The Kostritzer Scwarzbier...Nice dark lager....
(the favorite beer of Philosopher Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe)
*St.Bernardus 12
*Cantillon classic Gueze (on tap...but do realize a 1/4 keg of this is $ make sure you know what you are getting in to..)


Try the Burrito with the Braised Pork (not so secret ingredient is Mexican Cola)
and the Smoked Swordfish Gordita. And the grouper taco.

Everything is a la you can keep on adding on if you are still hungry.

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  1. I like the Bell's Oberon 5 Liter mini keg on the top shelf. Nice touch!