October 27, 2007

After Hours- Salon Style!

I have a new bar set for my salon experience.
As most of you know, I am not a super "girly girl."
Beauty is not really in my budget...

I do get pedicures but I am very ticklish when it comes to the exfoliating feet part..so I wish I could do them myself in the privacy of my own abode.
I do get manicures every once in a while before an event of some sort. But I keep them clear and natural looking.
and I get my tresses trimmed about 4 times a year.

I've lived in the city for about 6 1/2 years now and I never went to the same stylist until this year.
It feels weird to even say "My stylist" but now I can and do.
My stylist is Matt Di genarro.
I met him during my time at the royal Tavern. Matty would come in, drink Hoegaardens and Tullamore Dew. the Tully part was more than acceptable, but I always tried to ween him off the Ho. Recently he has even trekked to the Foodery to pick up Delirium Nocturnum and the Kostritzer schwarzbier!

His salon is Ground Zero south about Sweat Gym on Passyunk. I used to belong to Sweat, but never really went. I remember one time I worked out then went straight to Vintage Wine (and beer) Bar on 13th st.

I have always enjoyed my salon experience there, but Matt decided we would make a bit of a bash out of my most recent appoinment. We invited a guest hairwasher, and a few friends to share beers...afterhours....oo la la.

I proceeded my appointment with some beers at Bridget Foy's and some yummy pot stickers (great happy hour there) and glass of prosecco at Ansel (also a great happy hour $5 proseccos.)
and O'reillys stout on tap!

We got things started in the salon around 9:00. The Motley crew there for the cut included:
Gillian: my coworkers girlfriend
Junior M: Billly's Life coach
Matty: Stylist/ owner of Ground Zero
and a guest appearance was made by a guy named Chris.
Myelf: No longer an infidel to a salon...I have finally found a stylist I can commit to.

Here's the my salon soiree step by step.
The before...
I told him not to take too much off and that I wanted a bit more of a swoop in the front...but definitely not bangs.

Billy, my washer was a bit tardy. He also decided to have some pre-salon party pints. Billy works for Fairmount park by day but secretly would love to moonlight as a hairwasher. I was only his fourth hairwash ever.

The Hairwashing task was handled superbly....However, we did acknowledge that I was a bit too distracted by conversation and cans of sly fox pilsner to truly appreciate his techniques.

The cut went on, the drinking went on, and by the end of it, I even pulled out what has been known as my "not so fancy footwork"...a dance party right there on the salon floor!
Sprinkled with my fallen hair --t'was a bit of a slippery platform for our moves.

If you need a cut, trim, dye whatever, let me know...I can get you a friends and family discount!

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