October 25, 2007

Not too Foxy

Hey there. I have tons of stuff to get you caught up on in my calorie laden life, but for right now I want to share this not so amazing window display with you.

I went to lunch at Monks (note this is not monks display window) yesterday in pursuit of the Founder's breakfast stout that I had heard about from at least 12 people. I knew I should have taken advantage of my late night invite on Monday, but alas- I didn't and it kicked Tuesday night.
I was pretty bummed, but life goes on.
I am still standing in one of the nation's best beer bars surrounded by my buddies smiling faces and I know I have hundreds of other beers to choose from.
I choose to share a Gouden Carolous Grand Cru of the Emporer with Johnny. It is brewed only once a year on February 24th , the birthday of King Charles.
We enjoy that, as well as a Charcuterie platter. The dijon has apples cut up into it. delicious.
Now afterwards I have to drop off some Tap handles at Jose Pistolas. They are putting on our gold medal Pikeland Pilsner.

On route, Johnny and I notice the quite shabby display window of Corporate Giant, and meeting place of crazed Steelers fans, the one, the only, the ever Greasy -Fox and the Hound. I think I went there once for a corporate event where I had a tower of Onion Rings in front of me, and it was at that moment I knew I wouldn't see 99. Oh, I went there twice, when my sister dragged me there to meet men.
Also greasy, also taking a year off of my life, from the stress of having to respond to cliche question after cliche question.

So back to the window- you can't really see from the pic, but all the items, once cotton white, are approaching cream and the corners are turned in. I would think for a company that brings in 149.2 million buckaroos annually, they could pay more attention.
Maybe not use the same OPEN sign that the new deli has on South st. Is this chain too big to see demise? It would be almost be cute if they were buried next to Buca.


  1. I was sad last week when I went to Sidecar and saw Bells Double Cream Stout on the list and it, too, kicked just before I visited.

  2. Founders Breakfast Stout is amazing! I still haven't had the Kentucky yet though.