October 9, 2007

Ramblin' Man

I was 21 when I read Jon Krakauer's"Into the Wild"
I was introduced to the best seller by my college boyfriend.
jay gibble. he was a pretty neat fellow.
He thought I would like it and gave me his copy.

I remember reading it in one sitting.
I remember feeling inspired.

"Into the Wild" is the story of young lad who abandons his family, their wealth, and their expectations in search of a life of meaning in the wilderness. He meets a cast of characters while he is on route to Alaska. Regardless of how much fun he is having, he always moves forward, northward to his dear Denali.

I would continue to reflect on Alex Supertramp (chris mccandless) and his adventures throughout the years. So I was happy to hear that Sean Penn finally after almost a decade of effort was able to bring Chris Mccandless's crusade to the big screen.

I knew I should have been packing for Denver ( I am off to the Great American Beer fest, which in addition to being a three day mile of beer...it's kind of like the academy awards for the brewing industry) But I really wanted to see this movie.

I could picture myself 24 hours from now possibly flanked by two brewers-and it might be an interesting change of subject to discuss Sean Penn's project instead of predicting what breweries might take home medals.

I packed my purse full of sly fox cans and biked down to 2nd and walnut.
There's something about smuggling cans onto trains and into theaters that I enjoy almost as much as the actual consumption.

So what did I think? Solid B.
The most common critique I have heard is that it could have been condensed to under two hours. I disagree. I am trying to figure out what it would have taken to get an A...I think I will have to reread the book instead of going around like one of those viewers that claim the book is so much better. I am pretty sure it is but I need to revisit it after 8 years to confirm.

Alex was charming, and determined. Emile portrayed him with a look in his eye that convinced the viewer he could climb any mountain and kayak through any rapid. He had no need for the distractions of women or alcohol so it seemed he was on a quest for a spiritual fulfillment that he could only find within himself. (And with a little help from his friends Tolstoy, London, and thoreau.)

Eddie Vedder does the majority of the soundtrack.
I was a little annoyed with the
Prince of Pearl Jam by the end of the movie.
But I know a lot of fans and will probably bash me for saying so.

I get out of the movie and immediately look forward to my evening ride home.
Until I see it's raining.
Not quite pouring- but more than a drizzle.
I figure if Alex Supertramp could brave the rapids I could ride 20 blocks in the not so cold October rain.

I get drenched. Hit puddle after puddle. I barely see a human on bike, foot or car my whole way home. I am the lone lunatic cruising down Lombard.

Right around 12th and Bainbridge it starts raining a bit harder.

Only 8 more blocks I tell myself. I try to think of something positive...and I come up with "a chick biking in the rain with drenched dungarees probably looks pretty sexy."
Which is admittingly a really lame thought plus the only person to impress is on the other side of the country so that doesn't make 1155 seem any closer.

I get home and remember that my printer is broken.
I can't print out my e-ticket.
I CAN go into my fridge and pour me a pint of double bock.
So that's what I did.

Time to go pack.... but a quick week in review on the next blog....

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