November 12, 2007


I am not sure if I have ever been surrounded by so many wee ones ever. I missed Tequila school on Saturday to attend my nephews 2yr birthday party at Ambler YMCA.
I don't think I was ever at a YMCA in my whole life. There were tots-a-plenty and a bunch of parents around my age who traded in their bar stools for high chairs.

I may not find success at everything I attempt in this world, but some things I care about more than others....I can't whistle (that's okay)...can't wink (Sort of want to work on this)....But being a good Aunt is one of the things I want to put the most effort into....and my nephew is definitely worth me switching my blog up from my typical food and booze thumbs ups and downs...

Tanner's favorite of the moment is "Bob the Builder, so my sister, Patty got him a "Bob the Builder" cake...And I am not usually an icing person, but it hit the spot.

Soon the icing painted the faces of all Tanner's buddies, and of course the birthday boy himself...

After everyone ate it was back to the play room, which was fully equipped with a maze, seesaws, a moon bounce, and more...

Here's a great action shot (would be better if not taken with the HP m537) of
the tanner in the balls....

Then it was off to Patty's house to open his two year old treats.

Aunt "suzy" got him a Thomas the Train Helmet set to protect him on his new scooter. The picture doesn't really capture his enthusiasm upon receipt of said Helmet set.

He also received a gardening set, complete with wheelbarrow from his gigi and poppy. He proceeded to get on his scooter with new gear, while holding a shovel and a broom. It was quite entertaining...already multitasking at such a young age....I guess he's his mother's son --And that can only be a good thing.

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