November 13, 2007

boycotts and barbecue

I much rather praise places, bites, things, then pick them apart and send people walking in different directions.
But Hewlett Packard technologies has given me no option other than to use my blogger space to vent about their customer service and product quality.
I will keep it brief.
I have started a boycott against hp products. It is unfortunate that I started it yesterday since they got another $163.99 out of me last week for my new all-in-one printer.
The issue isn't the all in one but my Photosmart m537 digital camera purchased last August at a Best Buy in Cherry Hill. Great price at $109- but as my friend Jenna and I discussed, the cliche rings true- you get what you pay for....

The shutter lens broke three days before my trip to Denver.
That's right, no pics of the mountains, nor my hooligan cohorts misbehaving in the mile high state.

But, HP did send me a replacement camera while i was gone. Which was very nice...
Then my only responsibility was to ship back the broken one...they gave me a box and they were willing to pay for the shipping.
I put the box in my car and still haven't managed to get it to UPS to ship back to Texas.
Totally 100% my fault...but now they have charged me for the broken camera $129 and then charged me for it again... but a few more bucks (maybe shipping?) without any approval or notice. $276.03 has been debited from my bank acct. I shipped the camera off yesterday and now I am in the midst of trying to get the money credited to my account. I can't communicate that well with any of the customer service I spent 55 minutes on the phone yesterday being tossed around like a hot potato between service and repair and sales. It was awful.
So I was having a bit of a manic Monday...when a few friends stopped in at Jose's and spreaded some Veterans Day cheer.
A big thumbs up for my friend Johnny who surprised me with a Sweet Lucy's bbq rib platter...
I had been wanting to go there forever...Sweet it was. The ribs were great
(cold and hot actually-- as in last night and this morning...)
The cornbread was the best I have had in this city.
Lucy's tag line is "Making the world better for barbecue lovers" and that's exactly what they do.

The smokehouse is located on State ST. in the Northeast-probably about twenty minutes outside center city.
Oh, and Lucy is actually the owners' dog...


  1. jonny says: they have an all-you-can-eat bbq buffet at Sweet Lucy's on Mondays from 5 - 8:30. don't miss it.

  2. Jonny says: Forgot to mention it's BYOB! Suzie what would be the best beer (Sly Fox, of course) to bring to a BBQ place like this?

  3. Just like bbq can range from sweet to spicy, the beer you are going to pair it up with will vary as well.

    If the bbq is has a sweetness to it, you'll want to be sipping on a roasty sweet lager of some sort, be it a vienna style lager or something even bigger like a double bock.
    If it's on the spicier side, i think an IPA on the maltier side might be a nice pairing.
    Also, consider cooking your bbq with beer- in the case it might be fun to consider a rauchbier of some sort.