November 28, 2007

Carpe Diem and Carpe Cerevisi via the r5???

Here's come Santa Claus!
Here's come Santa Claus!
Right down the R5 train!

Some of the Delaware Valley's best BEER bars are just a hop, jump and a train away.
Please join In Pursuit of Ale on Sat, December 1, for an all day suburban pub crawl of sorts.
almost everyone's invited.

We'll rely on the Southeastern Transportation Authority for our travels....
(what do you mean you hate SEPTA???)
we'll meet at Suburban Station (since we are going to the suburbs) at 2:15.
Or if you want to get started even earlier...some people may be drinking at Nodding head first and heading down to the station at 2:15.
The train leaves at 2:45. Make sure you have CASH.

We will be stopping first At
Gullifty's in Rosemont, arriving at 3:14.
Teresa's Next Door (Wayne) at
TJS EVERY DAY- They do biere de cuisine here, have a great take out cooler, and jukebox to boot.
and ending up at the
Flying Pig in Malvern...
The last train for Philadelphia leaves Malvern at we will back before midnight definitely. any one can leave at any time.

I was going to rent a bus for the day...but I didn't know if I could secure 50 people to fill the bus..the less people, the more expensive. So this is the cheaper option for all drinkers involved.
I am still in negotiations with SEPTA to see if we can get a price break.... But don't get too excited.

If for any reason, you were concerned about your alcohol consumption while in transit, no need to be, our Sly FOX friends will provide cleverly concealed cans. (dependent on number of crawlers.)

Seize the day and Seize your beer!
email with questions (below photo to the credit of bryan of the brew lounge blog)


  1. great blog.

    Check out Brothers Spano while your in the Western Burbs. They usually have some great beers on tap...

  2. thanks cr.
    is it by a train station?