November 20, 2007

drink a firkin before you go a turkin'

STANDARD TAP started a weekly event in October simply called "Firkin Wednesdays" Every Wednesday a different local brewery comes in with a ----firkin---- hangs out and chats beer. Standard rarely does "promos" so take advantage and get your hops on hump day.
THE BEST NEWS though-TOMORROW NIGHT- SLY FOX will be tapping a FIRKIN of their elusive OATMEAL STOUT (usually only available at the brewery in Royersford).

What is a firkin?'s a unit of measurement. It's 1/4 the size of a "Barrel" Firkins are also cask conditioned allowing only natural carbonation.

Come join me and guzzle before you gobble. Nothing cures a hangover like dark meat.
ONCE THE FIRKIN IS KICKED.....I've got your post party....

Upstairs a few blocks away at Johnny Brenda's (frankford and girard just in case you're lame and haven't been). DJ Dee Jay will be playing all your
favorite beatles and stones songs all night.

Quite possibly the best party in the whole wide world.


  1. A firkin is a 1/4 of a barrel not a 1/3 which would be a sixtel...

  2. obviously a sixtel is 1/6, my mistake... but still a firkin is not 1/3 of a full barrel. (sixtel being 1/3 of a 1/2 barrel) doh... :)