November 15, 2007

Glutton for Goodness

Lance and I had a delicious experience at Southwark last week.
I have had some of the best food in the city at 4th and Bainbridge....They are huge supporters of the Buy Fresh Buy Local campaign, using all fresh ingredients and changing their menu seasonally to reflect that. They support only local breweries as well, and of course, I am a huge supporter of that.

We feasted on veal cheeks and striped bass, had a variety of cocktails and then Drank a flight of Madeira. I have an affinity for the fortified wine ever since I donned a bonnet back in the day at City Tavern. It was actually the Founding Fathers preferred quaff and was used to toast the declaration of Independence. The Madieras ranged from dry to sweet and i liked them all --which is a bit unusual.

As tempted as we were to stay in the good company of Kip and George, our plan all the while, was to check out the new dessert place, Golosa, by 6th and Catherine.

Golosa means "Glutton" in Italian. By the time I hit the proverbial hay, i was definitely guilty of such.

I had never actually been to dessert (the prior occupant) before it closed. They were doing enough right to get Zagat approved
(admittingly, I don't know what one must do to achieve this) but as I was chatting with an industry insider, they told me how dessert didn't actually make their own dessert. shame, tsk.

I agreed with him that was pretty lame. So I, of course, assumed that the new tenant, Golosa, would indeed be licking icing off a spoon.
I assumed wrong.

Golosa is also bringing in desserts from another patisserie which they would not disclose. I do know they are importing their chocolates from Italy... The space is tight, and perhaps they don't have the room to make desserts.
The owner, an Italian artist and designer, personally assisted us. There was lounge music playing in the background which was more for the ears of old city lounge lushes, then my end of the night weary, coltrane craving cochlea.
Two gourmet coffees, and two desserts set us back $26. The are cash only right now, so I had to brave the frigid air and tap mac at PNC- two blocks away.

My cafe con leche was served in a glass with a seductive curvature. I swear it made it taste better. Lance sipped on some concoction with a multitude of spices which was way to intense for me.

The owner wrapped things up nicely with some complimentary chocolates for the road....this end of meal morsel normally would have me doing cartwheels at 6th and Catherine, but I think at this point the coma had set in and nothing seemed more appealing then my very own South Philly abode.

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