November 30, 2007

The outcome of the firkin before the turkin' featuring Jim Wiggins

I knew it was an ambitious move to schedule a Sly Fox firkin night at Standard Tap the night before Thanksgiving.
The good news is that I knew turkey
and the trimmings would erase any trace of a hangover, then they tryptophan would kick in and I could go back to bed.
The bad news is I committed to running a five k in Abington at 8:30 in the am. I haven't run a race since March of 06. What was I thinking?

The firkin was Oatmeal Stout.
and it was delicious.
A roasty, toasty, on the brink of winter drinkable delight.
The goal was to tap and kick.
I wasn't leaving until oatmeal was swimming in the stomachs of all the imbibers.
It was also Philly Beer community head honcho Steve's birthday. Above there's a shot of the birthday boy with a bunch of his firkin female friends.
I was joined by my Origlio Pal, Jim Wiggins. A swell guy.
The first time I met him he was sporting a Scooby Doo shirt.
I thought to myself "Jerkoffs don't wear Scooby Doo," so I knew he would be fun to work with.

His friend was also present, but not really embracing the stout like he should have. He opted for captain and coke and complained all night. I am willing to bet he doesn't have a scooby doo shirt in his closet.

So we consumed copious amounts of oatmeal stout, and finally around 12:18....Jim kicked the keg. there were about 30 people there, so it could have been anyone's accomplishment, but ironically it was Jim, who probably put back 8 or so pints of it that got to claim victory.
Ron, the ever friendly bar mgr. at the Standard had a great idea, that the person that kicks the keg one week gets to tap the firkin the next week. A ceremonial prize of sorts.
I am not sure if they are going to do that or not....
But just so you are in the know, every Wednesday they tap a firkin downstairs at Standard Tap, if for any reason the beer doesn't make you feel damn good to be there, Ron will.

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