November 12, 2007

Sunday School isn't so bad....

I was actually going to title this, "one, two, TRIA" and when I googled that another review came up from 2004, so I didn't.

Tria means three. That's a little bit of a "duh."
And Tria Cafe in Philadelphia is all about the three fermentables; wine, cheese, and beer. Most of you already know this, and hopefully have been to one of their locations. (18th and Sansom or 12th and Spruce)

Lucky for all of us, they have many more items than just that including a pumpkin moose topped with pine nuts. I had that sweet treat last night, as I headed to TRIA with lance Romance and some other beer enthusiast friends.

Every Sunday, they do "Sunday School." Tria features one beer, one wine, and one cheese at half price, so you can try something you might otherwise not... the best part is they give you a clipboard with a brief lesson on it about the fermentable, so you can walk away with your appetite for sustenance and knowledge both satiated.

They also have quite the list of quaffables right now, including...

-Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence (made with real Belgian chocolate)
-Allagash Curieux (triple aged in Jim Beam Barrels)
-Hitachino XH (Belgian-style brown ale aged in shōchū (distilled sake) casks )
-Haandbryggeriet Norwegian Wood (sort of a mild rauchbier with juniper berries)
-Sly Fox Raspberry Reserve (made with a pound of black and red raspberries per gallon- 8%)

IQhilika African Herbal Blossom Mead

I am not usually a "mead" person, but as TRIA states on the menu this is "one of the most amazing fermented beverages in the world."
As it's importer's (B.united) website reads,
Its a"
semi sweet mead with hibiscus, rosehip, licorice, cinnamon and apple. "

TRIA rocks.

Maybe I have a soft spot for TRIA because lance and I had our first date there... or maybe the TRIA team is really doing one of the best jobs in the city. They also conduct a fermentation school, where the "teachers" are the brewers, winemakers, and cheesemakers that create all the fermented edibles and quaffables we love to consume.

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