November 12, 2007

tiffin time--f i n a l l y !

I have been reading about Tiffin throughout the year. A box-sized Indian restaurant at 7th and Girard.

All good reading, but no just joined a too long list of restaurants, cafes, and bars that may or may not meet my orange pnc visa/bank card vis a vis.

Today, veterans day observed, was the day I was finally propelled north of poplar st.

My sister is a curryphile of sorts. She has admitted her obsession with Indian Buffets around center city. Passage to India and Samosa supposedly snag a third of her paycheck.
She was ready to branch out. Tiffin is located at 7th and Girard. It's widely recognized as a food delivery service almost more than a dine in. If you do go, you could take up the whole restaurant with merely 15 of your nearest and dearest...yea- it's pretty tiny- But- in a good way.
Everything feels so intimate and you can't help but feel that they perfected their chicken Korma recipe just for you.

tiffin – [tif-in] British Informal
- (noun) Lunch, or any light meal
- (verb, used without object) to eat lunch.
- (verb, used with object) to provide lunch for;
serve lunch to.
The word is widely used in India for any hot light meal or
snack taken at any time during the day.
We went around 2:30. I didn't take the day of from work,
(I think in this day and age, Veteran's day is only closing banks and us post offices (although I did see a mailtruck out today) ) but I did decide I could have a lunch break with my sis.

She is fancying vegetarian options for the most part these days, where I remain an ever morally perplexed carnivore. Below are our entrees....
The first pic is my chicken Korma the second is her saag paneer, then the Veggie Samosa-
I have to run, but maybe I can give more details about the dish after work.

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