November 2, 2007

The week of the great beer dinner fat fest

Last week I ate. alot. tons.
I had back to back beer dinners...
One for Sly Fox at Kenny's Spirited Eatery in South Hampton, and one at Iron Hill.

I had to "work" at Kenny's (and work is drinking beer, and sharing my thoughts on food pairings with could be worse)
but I was a guest of Iron Hill's in West Chester.

The hill is starting to experiment with a new concept, "The Chef's Table."
Twice a month, they will have up to 16 potential strangers (probably 8 couples) sit at a communal table, chow down and chat.

I was one of the lucky ducks that got to sit in as a guinea pig for the inaugural dinner. I went to Monks for lunch, so truth be told I wasn't too too hungry when I sat down for my four course feast.
Iron Hill's popularity is attributed to the chefs as much as it is to the brewers. The small chain is thought of as a restaurant with great beer...more than a brewery with food options.
And that was quite clear last week.
The menu included:

Lobster corn chowder
Salmon salad (complemented by a Saison or glass of sav b)
Braised Short Ribs with Root vegetables,
and a Pot de Creme (complemented by a Dunkel Weisse or Merlot)

I essentially skipped the Salmon...I had so much salmon growing up, I can't eat it anymore. Typically Catholics avoid meat on Fridays during lent, but my mother decided Lent would be all year long for the Woods children. Salmon. every. friday.

The Short Ribs were so freaking good. I acquired an affinity for Short Ribs right at third and catherine as I had an amazing rib dish with porcini mushroom risotto at the New Wave Cafe while Ben Macnamera was in charge of the kitchen (he has recently relocated to St. Stephen's Green @17th and Green).
As delicious as the Pot de creme was, the best surprise of the night, was a final kiss goodnight from Eclat chocolates of West Chester.
Eclat has been featured in mags from Best of Philly to Food and Wine and Vogue.
Christopher Curtin makes one hell of a lavender ganache truffle.
I smuggled two out with me and had them for breakfast the next day.
I realize as I type that it appears as though I smuggle things a lot....
Check out for a list of upcoming events.
Lastly, they tapped their pumpkin ale on Halloween...if you needed yet one more reason to go :)

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  1. Great idea for a costume...Got out of it a little before 94'. But have had so many old skool wrestling conversations lately, was just talking about wrestlemania 3 and my dad taking me to a close circuit viewing of #1