December 18, 2007

Holiday throwdown @ Johnny Brendas -Come all ye FAITHFUL to the cure


Next Wednesday is the 2nd annual holiday party for In Pursuit of Ale-
Philly's Women's beer club and a Benefit for the National Parkinsons Foundation.

We meet every two weeks around our city's watering holes and as much as we enjoy each other's company we love to branch out and see some new faces. Just think of it as another crazy night at Johnny Brenda's but supporting the National Parkinsons Foundation all the while.....

It's going to be an all out b o n a n z a
kicking things off with Philly local band, the Getarounds at 8!
NBC 10 will be there!
We'll have DJ dee Jay spinning for us later (of beatles vs. stones fame)!
We'll have a bottle swap..bring a bottle, take another one home...
We'll be playing some Rock Paper Scissors!
Raffling off some prizes- Gift certificates and a 3 liter bottle of MAD ELF and more!
Yummy food for Carnies and Veggies!

TV cameras!

All for $13 with optional donations for Parkinsons Throughout the night
Drinking great local craft beer for a mere $3 a pint from our friends at Flying Fish, Sly Fox, Iron hill, Troegs, and Dock St.
All proceeds go to the parkinson's Foundation in memory of the Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson.

I'm still trying to find a drunk santa for great photo opps! Any volunteers?
Did I mention NBC 10 will be there???????

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  1. I've wanted to be a drunken santa since the first time i saw him almost fall off the firetruck because he was so hammered.