December 27, 2007


I have been meaning to write about my new obsession for a while now, but until prompted from the folks at foobooz, I have yet to do so.

The topic at hand is the fantastic video game console, the Wii, and how I have willingly allowed it to steal hours and hours of my life over the last month.

Growing up, I was awoken in the summer months daily at 6:00 am to "SMB3- let's go."

My brother had a mission to beat super mario brothers and I was his accomplice. My favorite parts of the game were the ulimate one up factory and the ability to wear the tanooki suit! We indeed beat it multiple times (the one up factory helped with that) but after that summer I didn't play video games too too much...that all changed this fall with my introduction to the motion sensitive Wii.

This wireless motion sensitive console gets a 9.5 rating from game zone. It has been reviewed as, "Pure creative genius. There is no end to how far the Wii can go."
One of the multiple advantages of this is you can relive blasts from the pasts and play your favorite games of yesteryear on the Wii as well. You can play Legend of Zelda, and actually shoot the bow and arrow your very self!

Also, when you play the Wii, you make a Mii.
I could only hope to be as cute in this real deal life as my mii is. (think avatar) i am thinking about purchasing a solid brown dress, and cutting my hair to my shoulders...then there would be more similarities.

I certainly didn't want Saint Nick to bring me one... then I wouldn't be able to go to Jose Pistolas on my day off and play like I sometimes do.

My favorite game by far is bowling. One time I tried tennis, but I got too excited about my backhand, and woke up the next day feeling not so right. sometimes I do get bowlers arm, but I consider it the price I have to pay for this recreational ecstasy.

I have my own strategy. Its more of a manuever. I guess one might call it a gallop.
There's really no need to exert as much energy as I do, when bowling, but I try to make it a work out then I don't feel quite as guilty about my leisure time.

I have of course bowled with the best, Buddy my co worker, Jose Pistolas himself- Joe gunn- Fergie, Lance Romance, Happy Jen Hatton, and many more.

I did lose a bet to Lance, which in turn, ended up wasting precious wii time due to obligatory lost bet backscratching.

The photo on the left is Jennie, April and myself. Yes, I have gotten some of my girlfriends into it.

My highest score to date is a 168, which crushes my 115 at NorthBowl.

I could try to beat that any given Tuesday night at the new Jose Pistolas WII tournament night.
Come out, play wii and drink great beer (they currently have the Gold Medal winning Sly Fox pikeland PILS on) but come out early because the sign ups get filled up rather quiickly.

Just look at that smile on April post-strike...see how happy a Wii can make you?

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