December 8, 2007

the dunkel is coming...the dunkel is coming

We canned Dunkel Lager on Wednesay at the Sly Fox in Royersford where we do all our production for distribution.
These cans are one of my favorite things in the world.
We were the first brewery in the mid-atlantic to can craft beer, using a Cask system out of Alberta, Canada.

We've had great success with the cans, but there are still naysayers once in a while...that can't grasp "good beer can come out of a can."
So, why cans?

As brewmaster, Brian O'reilly stated in a 2006 interview with Jack Curtin, "It's convenient. It takes up less space. Cans have the benefit of chilling down quicker and they don't allow any light to touch the beer, so consumers never get "skunked" beer from a reaction of the alpha acids in the hops to changing light from the sun or artificial sources.

I hope you find them for purchase at your favorite distributor and enjoy them yourself.
It will also be available on tap in a couple of weeks.
A little background....
-Dunkel means "Dark" in German.
This is a delicious bavarian style lager with roasted malts and bavarian hops weighing in around 5.3% abv.
Think bratwurst, venison, meatballs....

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