December 10, 2007

Eating up a Winter Storm

Twas yet another week of gluttony for this gobbling gal.
As I sat down to recall my week in eats, I could pinch the ever-growing roll in my midsection.
But, I must say, it was totally worth it.

Last Tuesday, I met Lance at Brigids where we thoroughly enjoyed the Jan De Lichte. An Imperial Belgian Wit hittin' 7.5 on the abv scale.

They use four grains beer: barley, wheat, oats and buckwheat. They also add the quintessential coriander.
It was freakin good. So good, I even ordered two and I never double dose on the same beer at Brigids.

We wanted to check out the fairly new Urban Saloon for din din. I saw that they had funky twists on bar food on the menu...We went on a detour to Illuminare. An upscale Italian restaurant specializing in wood oven pizzas right on Fairmount. I've never been there before...But Lance had some nice things to say.
A bubbly young lady, Molly, that I met at Jose Pistolas told me to come in since she worked there.
She also told me that she would "hook me up" If I in turn "hooked her up."

Their beer selection is borderine non-existent. We ordered a Harpoon winter warmer and it was loaded with we switched up to wine. We moved on to our original destination, but they stopped serving food right before we got there. We still stayed- I sipped on a Sly Fox Christmas and we were off.

We went next door to Jack's Firehouse...where Lance could get his favorite Butter cake (still made by the owner's mom), wash it down with Bourbon and I ordered a 113 IPA.

Then we called it quits. The Jose Pistolas Feliz Navidad dinner was the next night.

It was hosted by Casey and the two Joes. Joe Gunn (Senor Pistolas himself) and award-winning beer writer, Joe 6 pack, Don Russell. Don made it a point to talk about christmas traditions throughout the night. Detailing Belgian customs before one course, and telling the story of Good St. Nick before another. (above photo courtesy of john taggert)
There was quite the line up of beer. Upon entry, you were handed a glasses of Sly Fox Christmas Ale. We make a red ale then add a mulling mix...consisting of Ginger, nutmeg, clove, allspice and cinnamon. I think it's pretty well balanced...The essence of spice is there, but you're not choking on cinnamon.

Other beers included Samiclaus Helles, the St. Bernardus christmas, Delirium Noel, Scaldis Noel, affligem noel and George Gale's 2001 Christmas Ale.
Chef Issac did a heck of a job in the kitchen at night! they surpisingly switched it up from their tex mex jawn, and had a wonderful variety.
First course was a Goat Cheese and Beet Salad garnished with some yellow beets and pistachios.
I didn't care for beets as a Child, and now I seek them out. Other highlights include a seared duck breast, a chicken roulade stuffed with a chorizo cornmeal stuffing, a cheese course, a intermezzo of mango sorbet garnished with a ganache covered chili pepper. It was the ramble of the room for at least ten minutes. We finished things off with a chocolate rum cake.

The dinner was sold out, with chompers including George hummel and his leading lady Nancy, Tom, Fergie, and a whole bunch of Monks crew.
As the night came to and end, Fergies wife, Christine asked Jose Pistolas owner Casey Parker to do his rendition of "Somewhere over the Rainbow" Last year around this time, Casey did the same thing at Fergies house in front of the Christmas tree with the fire cracklin' in the background. It was one of those magical moments.
He completed her request with all the soul of his performance last year.
It was like being at a Christmas pageant-So Then Joe had to share his talent....he shared a comical anecdote about the time a circus Lion peed on casey as he was getting ready to go on his second date with his girlfriend. The story never gets old.
I felt a little old the next day, when I had to babysit my nephew over lunch. My sis was getting her hair done, so I figured I would take a break from the beer world and take Tanner to Johnny Rockets . Note: there are no pics of JR's cuisine for a good reason. He wouldn't stop screaming for anything until our kind server gave him ketchup in the shape of a smiley face... He also thought lance was trying to steal his balloon and stroller. Lance wasn't going to let the terrible two year old win they had it out sort of...let' s just say Lance won't be babysitting with me again any time soon.

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