December 3, 2007

GOODBYE BOTANICAL have fared me well

Henry David Thoreau considered "nature his church. He once stated -simply yet wisely,
"Not only must we be good,
but we must also be good for something."

Well I guess some people are good at destroying his place of worship- right here on clarion st.

At 1149 Clarion spanned a 1/2 block garden, Naamah's Refuge,where Clarion residents would take their turns pulling weeds and planting flowers, but building a community all the while.

I would stroll through it on my way to work every Monday, Tuesday and Sunday back in the day. I called it my "botanical wonderland."

It wasn't "secret" but it was magical. After 40 ft. of birds chirping, water trickling and black eyed susan's bursting, everything was right in the world.

I hadn't been a pedestrian as much as I like or should be lately, as the subaru is my magic carpet of choice. (I am also not allowed to complain about packed on calories if this is my status quo.)

The other day I went to check it out and to my dismay the garden was all but gone. I knew we had some bad weather lately, but this looked like the work of mankind and not mother nature.

I got the whole scoop from neighbor and Clarion st. computer expert Tom that they indeed tore down the Naamah's Refuge to build new houses...ironically, the garden was originally created after the city demolished two houses that were neglected by their owners in 1997. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society awarded the garden first place, four consecutive years.
I am truly disappointed. I wondered if Dorothy was this sad when she said good bye to her yellow brick road...
And as much as I like having neighbors (they sign for your UPS packages when you aren't home), I don't think these new residents are going to get a case of Sly Fox. Not even a Pie.

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