December 27, 2007

IPA Holiday T h r o w d o w n -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Taps and Recaps

I have SOOO much to catch up on.
Tis the season to be too busy of a buzzing bee to blog....
I'll try my best to remember my ramblings...
Let's start with the In Pursuit of Ale Christmas party....

'Twas the night before the party
And all through the city
All pursuers were exicited
April was giddy
We got a stout and hung our decor about jb’s
We were most excited about the photo tree...

But there was no time for raves or rants

until We found our kissing plant
We looked high and low
Oh where could we find some mistletoe?
I was getting tired, a bit parched,
But we found our shrub at 3rd and arch!

The next day was I was hustling and bustling, trying to juggle work drop offs and last minute party pick ups.

It all came together and turned into an amazing night.

Johnny Brenda’s was beyond accommodating.

We raised just about $400 from the door and the raffle for the Parkinson's Foundation and Johnny Brenda’s made a donation as well. We certainly learned some valuable lessons about fundraising and party planning.

We had somewhere around 100 peeps come down to shake it down. The night turned into a craft beer dance party of sorts. We had the support of Iron Hill, Flying Fish, Troegs, Dock St, and Sly Fox. We had brewers and reps from all breweries as well.

The taps were Flying Fish- Good Fish (IPA) Iron hill Winter Warmer, Sly Fox Christmas, Dock Street Rye I.P.A. and Troegs Troegonator Double Bock.

Mike Fava from Dock St. gets the award for best dancing brewery representation from Dock st.

He also takes first place for losing the most raffle tickets throughout the night, including the grand prize winning ticket....

We had Brewers plate promoters video taping, we had the Get Arounds performing.

We had a bottle swap- complete with owner, William Reed's donation of a bottle of schmidts from the old brewery dating back to the early-mid eighties. We had dj deejay spinning some dance hits that the dames definitely delighted in.

They had tons of food left over, and the sandwiches were a welcome snack at the end of the evening. I think I ate three that night, and an additional three for lunch the next day. Un puerco!

If you are ever needing a venue for some private or corporate shindig. I highly recommend Johnny brenda’s. (frankford and girard) if you think it’s too far north, it’s right by the subway line, or a cab won’t be too much of a wallet wound.

Here are some more pics-=-=-

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