December 13, 2007

RibaFriA is the new Gouda.

Last Thursday there was a slew of activities in the city for beer lovers.
options. options.
I would have either thrown on my cape and transformed into superwoman attempting to make it to all of the events, or I would have to ini-mini-miney-mo it.
Lucky for me, Lance hadn't been to a Dibruno brothers beer and cheese pairing event we found ourselves at 17th and Chestnut. The other event would have been the TRIA fermentation school led by don russel and jon Myerow (tria owner and super swell guy).

Rogue was the featured brewery that night, and Roguester Sebbie Buhler was teaming up with Hunter Fike to teach the crowd a thing or two.

They featured the following beers--=
Juniper Pale Ale
Morimoto Black Obi Soba Ale
Santa's Private Reserve
Chipotle Ale (this beer has a smoked jalepeno infusion)
Rogue Dead Guy
Chocolate Stout

My favorite pairing was the Chipotle Ale with the Ribafria.
Riba what? I had never heard of this cheese.

The Ribafria is a rather unique Portugese Goat cheese which is encased with crushed peppercorns. I am a freak for this made my still dwelling Feliz Navidad hangover finally fade away.

The events are $45 dollars and usually take place once a month on First Fridays.
i believe their next event is towards the end of January, with DogFish Head.
This is a cute little rogue guy that sebbie gave lance so he never has to drink by himself. again.

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