December 7, 2007

Sip and Spend a la SANTAFEST

sip and spend.
I love drinking a lot more than shopping, many people would say the opposite for themselves.
But what if the two activities were blended?
A hybrid event with great beers and buys abound!
S a n t a f e s t !
Sugar Mom's tomorrow 1-6.
Support local artisans of Traveling Wares.
Drink Beer, buy a scarf, run into old friends, make new ones that make great jewelry and clothes.
Sounds like a dream come true.
for me and you.
I will be there sometime between 3 and 5.
Here are the beers-=-=-

Sly Fox Christmas 2007
HEavy Seas winterstorm
Sierra Nevada Celebration
Lancaster winter
Founders Dirty Bastard (scotch Ale)

And if that wasn't enough....Philadelphia Brewing Co's Chris Morris aka the Enabler is organizing ....see you between 1 and 6.

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