December 17, 2007

sunday @SONAM

I owed Lance dinner for taking me and my lady friends home from our suburban pub crawl.
(Of course we missed the last train @ 10:30 leaving Malvern)

Lance and I always eat at restaurants with liquor licenses or bars so i can mix business with pleasure, but every once in a while, we find ourselves at a byo, with beer and wine in tow.
We wanted to check out Cochon but they are closed on Sundays. (as many byos are)
So we ended up at Sonam. South Streets newest ByO pitching their cuisine as "Global Dim Sum."
The chap was worried that we wouldn't find something to pair with is 2000 Chianti.
He was indeed right. The wine had taken a turn for the way worse and was more likened to a port than a chianti.
So we kept the beveraging to a minimum and simply split an '06 Orval.
We got to pick from an array of funky small plates.
Sonam has only been open a mere two weeks so I was anxious to snap some shots, but alas my hewlett packard failed me once again.
I attempted to use Lance's iPhone as a back up but the pics didn't turn out to great-thus, I am only posting this one of our deconstructed French Onion soup.

I am still not certain how I feel about deconstruction culinary techniques overall, but this particular selection was great.
There was a truffle creamed onion soup on one side garnished with a black truffle and a broth based onion soup with shitake and chanterelle mushrooms on the other side. The Chef /owner came out to chat with us and recommended we dip into the cream first, then the broth before taking a spoonful.

He also let us know he was the only BYO that carried glassware considerate of all, sake, wine, etc...
Post soup we had...
*Wild Boar Tartare

*Crazy Rice Noodles with Fois Gras, Caviar and Truffle Oil

*Smores- but a switch up on the traditional campfire treat....they consisted of Goat cheese Marshmallows, fig Reduction, and Wheat Crackers

*Wontons with Chicken, Butternut Squash and sage cream froth

We enjoyed everything but still wanted a few more bites of something so we opted to add on the
"Chops and Chips" Lamb chops and Sweet Potato Fries.

I immediately thought about what I wanted to order the next time I came back..
My friend Art agreed with me that that's the best compliment you can give to a place.

Lance always needs a little sweet treat, so we headed over to Xochitl by Head house sq.
We enjoyed specialty hot chocolates.
Mine had a special Spanish Vanilla Liqueur...which reminded me of an upsell on Tuaca.

He opted for a grilled Pineapple and I opted for an apple fritter of sorts.
I say "of sorts" because it wasn't quite a fritter.
It was a crispy tortilla.
I kind of wanted a fritter.
so I was a tad bummed.
But I really enjoyed myself nonetheless.

Their beer selection was limited, and crazily enough they had Golden Monkey on tap.
also- Xochitl started a three course $35 experience on Sunday nights.
My friend Bob is behind the bar and is guaranteed to start your week off right.

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