December 4, 2007

a New Baby friendly BRUNCH!

There seems to be an increasing amount of activities for Urban parents these days, popular options being "Baby Loves Disco" at Shampoo or Tattoo Mom's Craft Sundays.
Now, here's another one...
you can bring your wee one and his or her favorite toys to the downstairs room at the yello'bar and enjoy yourself some eggs bene every Sunday.
What a dream, the tot's got Bob the Builder in tow, you get two Bloody Mary's in a row, and have the best of both worlds.
Plus, they have a varied beer selection, featuring everything from Avery one-offs and Chimay Blue, to local loves like Troegs Mad Elf.
Every Sunday from 11 till 3.
Catherine and Grey's Ferry.
TV's upstairs if you need a ball break.


  1. I love yello'bar. The owner always offers Quinn some toys when we go.

    He's got a bunch of girlfriends at Ten Stone, too...

  2. FYI - Baby Loves Disco moved to Shampoo a few months ago. Got too big for Fluid.