December 3, 2007

"you scratch my back, and I'll give you a 60 minute massage"

Best Friends are for confiding, nacho-sharing, new "special friend" reviews, and, well, favors.
A few months ago, my best friend, Johnny called upon me to get a splinter out of his he detailed on his website,, that's
08-31-2007 004.jpg

I owed Johnny big time for a bunch of stuff over the I was more than happy to assist with the operation. I actually almost feel bad calling on him for favors until he gets a few more splinters I can tweeze out of his feet.

But I was stuck big time the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and there was only one dude to save this damsel. (Lance was working). I kind of felt like his favor for me was a bigger favor then my for him. Like instead of "you scratch my back and i'll scratch yours" It was more like "you scratch my back, and I'll give you a 60 minute massage.

I went to Target to pick up a few things. I needed plastic cups for a sampling and some special wrappings for a raffle prize for Good Dog. I was frazzled by something while parking and mistakingly locked my keys in my car. YIKES! Granted, I am clutzy from time to time, okay all the time, and I leave things behind here, and there, okay everywhere....but one thing I am almost o.c.d. about is making sure I don't lock my keys in my car.
I had Jose Pistolas keys from locking up the night before in my coat when I went to do the double check, I felt keys, and just assumed they were the suzaru's. Nope. They had fallen in my frazzlement and there was big trouble off of columbus blvd.
I found a security guard right away and he gave me the news that cops don't carry around "slim Jims" to open cars anymore. He gave me a few points of advice..
1) call a buddy with Triple A
2) Call a tow truck
3) call a locksmith (he said this would be the most expensive option)

None of my Triple A friends were available- (now Lance is getting me Triple A for christmas- woo hoo). I hate Tow Trucks-(enough said) and I didn't want to go the locksmith would have taken to much time and legal tender.
I called Johnny, and we brainstormed. He asked me if I had my electronic opening device.
I didn't. but it wasn't locked with the keys in my car. Oh no it wasn't. I knew exactly where it was--It was in my black purse on the top shelf behind my bedroom door! Perfect. Wait-but my house keys were on my car keys. and they are in my car. Oh- but we can get my room mates keys!
SO....plan goes into action!

Johnny goes to Bob and Barbara gets house key from roommate Steve bartending.
Goes into my bedroom (this was a bit weird but I did take a splinter out of his foot)
gets my electronic opening device and goes to Target. and saves the day. again.
This takes place over two hours, so of course, Target got more of my moolah while I waited.
But that's okay.
Part of the extra expenditure at Target included these Archer Farms cookies.
Double chocolate chip, and one was oatmeal raisin with craisins as well.
I took advantage of the buy 3 for $1.15 deal.
I figured I could begin thanking Johnny with a cookie. he gladly accepted, but only wanted one.
That means two delectable bits of gooey goodness for the damsel.
To wash it down I had an Appalachian root Beer that I stole from Lance. It was so delicious. I called the 717 number to try and see where it was available for purchase in these parts, and as happy as they were to hear of my new affinity, they said I could only get it in harrisburg. So I'll just have to brew my own ....I already went to Home Sweet Homebrew and picked up my supplies!

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