January 22, 2008

Ac adaptors and a Week filled with Beer

More frustrating then delicious sandwiches falling apart....is...
My last two weeks.....

Not that everything I write is
b)grammatically correct
c) all of the above

but- I enjoy commenting on my bites and beers throughout my week.

And since my ac adaptor on my computer went, well- in communicado with my laptop...I haven't been able to blog.

-I can't do anything with pics at kinkos without a thumb drive...
-the laptop my roommate found on the side of the road on south st is viral-laden...
-and lance's computer is moody...

But there's been SO much going on...
I have to fill you in on New York, My new favorite sushi place, New O'reillys Stout handles around the city....Lance trying to feed me canned soup from 2001....


But for now....picture free...five Plugs to PLUG-=-=

1) Full MOON tasting with the Total Bru fellows at the new East Falls Market place....
6-9...sample Troegs, SouthHampton, Iron Hill and More for f r e e.

2) STANDARD TAP- manana-- they usually do their FIRKIN wednesdays...but this wednesday we're SLY times five...
We'll be pouring a firkin of the porter PLUS four other sly foxes inc. the newly released DUNKEL lager.
IPA women's beer club will be meeting there the same night.
and, oh, did I hear a rumor that NBC 10 was filming it?
*I can confirm that rumor.

3) I will be co-hostin' QUIZZO at the GOOD DOG (15th and locust) with my Johnny Goodtimes.
It's the anniversary of the invention of the CAN.
so we'll be drinking a bunch (pg-13) of sly fox cans. And rumor has it they will be 1/2 off like they are on wednesdays....
*I can confirm that rumor.
There will also be a round on BEER.

4) Fri- come down to Sly Fox in Phoenixville to celebrate Robbie Burns birthday.
My love for you IS like a red red rose....
Pay as you go. Haggis if you like....The Gang Aft Agley rocks. Starts at 6.
Break out the ol' kilt already.

5) come down to Iron Hill West Chester for one of the local beer industry's best events.
Try the belgian offerings from all your local loves, inc...sly fox, troegs, yards, victory, stewarts, stoudts, flying fish, and on and on..... 4ish.

6) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1 comment:

  1. here's the danger of reading too quickly.

    - I thought you said Lance was moody
    - I had to double-check the word free....what's free anymore, even in the beer world?
    - I read it to say that there'd be a round of beer on the beer lass, heheh. Oh wait, that's right, nothing's free ;-)

    See you Saturday, maybe Friday too