January 4, 2008

Looking for a few good BEERS?

I stopped in at the South Philly Tap Room the other day to check in on their renovations.
They have added an arched entrance to a second dining room, which is all dining- lending itself to a great environment for groups.
They have expanded their kitchen and hope to do more entrees then they had been.

The beer list had some great offerings per usual.

I tried the Rock Art magnamus ete tomahawkus....at 80 Ibus, the beer has a rather assertive hop character (magnum and tomahawk of course) . The bottle has esb (cubed) on the label....it's about 11% with a ton of british malts and a hint of citrus. The magnus is part of their extreme beer series and it was extremely delicious.
Rock Art, a fairly small brewery out of Vermont is releasing some pretty tasty treats. I remember at the Philly Craft Beer fest last year...survey said their Vermonster BarleyWine was one of the big hits of the day along with the Brooklyn Local One.

Also as long as you're in hopland....try the Sly Fox Odyssey. That is the culmination of our IPA project where we make a different beer with a single hop varietal every month, then take the sum amount in October and brew, the Odyssey, the end of the Journey. And it is worth the ten month trek. The imperial IPA Hits 8.4 on the abv scale with 90 IBUS. On tap at SPTR now, and soon at flying pig, and tj's everyday.

I had a brunch on NY day since I live right off the mummers parade start at Broad and Washington. I invited friends from a variety of social circles, but made sure to include some brewing friends. where Brewers are, good beer is almost sure to follow. My pal casey did not disappoint as he helped me ring in 08 with the Cuvee de castleton, a great sour ale from the uber (I hate when people say uber) talented Scotty V of Captain Lawrence (recently named by BA magazine as one of the top five brewers on the continent). He brews it with muscat grapes than ages it in French Wine oak for ???? I think it's lovely. and the Judges at the Great American Beer Fest this year, though it was lovely enough for a shiny gold. go Scotty. GO!

Another beer I had this week that wowed me like no chocolate experience since living vicariously through the charlie and the motlley crew in Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory,
It was the southern Tier Choklat.

I have tried a variety of Chocolate beers through the years. Rogue Chocolate Stout, Sam Adams Chocolate Bock (made with scharfenberger cocoa from san fran), Brooklyn Chocolate stout ( not made with choco), Youngs Double chocolate stout....but this one....was the one.
The aroma of the beer is just amazing, for those that want to experience the beer but not the calories, you can almost grasp how delicious it is by a quick swirl and sniff. But I suggest you take the plunge, and allow the velvet blanket of chocolate to coat your tongue.

A blogger on Drink Craft Beer referred to this beer as epic, and I would have to agree.
Try it at Monks back bar, or at the Great P.o.p.e (pub on passyunk east).

Southern Tier has been popping up all over philly. Based out of Lakewood, Ny. It will take you 6 1/2 hours to get to the brewpub, so be glad that Philly gets to be on their hit list for distribution.
and YET another reason, we are America's Best Drinking Beer city.

Celebrate that fact with a week and a half of events in March. Check out www.phillybeerweek.org.


  1. southern tier is quickly becoming one of my favorite breweries in the country. and speaking of choklat stout, it's on tap right now at capones *drools*

  2. also about to be tapped at South Philly Tap room

  3. One of my favorites as well, haven't had a beer from them yet that I didn't like.