January 10, 2008

Bread Pudding Bliss on Race St.

There are some items that I want to try anywhere I dine.
They vary seasonally of course. In the winter, I go wandering about for....

(here's a turkey chili made with TROEGS hopback ale from HIGH ST grille in Mount Holly, NJ-paired with ginger ale unfortunately...)

Montecristos (This was actually the best sandwich i ever ate at Little Pete's- sub cheddar for swiss...just can't get into swiss- paired with Pikeland Pils)

Crab Corn Chowders (from Drafting room in Exton- paired with Baltic Thunder)

Bread Pudding....and I have had some delicious bread puddings, the Chocolate Stout Pudding at
TRIA is memorable, as was the For Pete's Sakes.

But last night, I was completely amazed by RACE ST. CAFEs.
Lance wasn't feeling well last night. He is usually my bread pudding partner. As swell of a fellow as he is, he has an allergic reaction to raisins. He says "my head swells up...this big (as he makes the hand motions)! Do you want to have to take me to the hospital."

Everytime he says that I really want to take him to the local police to administer a lie detector test. I don't think one can be allergic to raisins....but regardless, I was happy he wasn't there, because if he was we would have to get the chocolate roulade because it had no raisins.
So as the poor lad was sniffling away, I had the best bread pudding in the city.
What made it so delicious? They use brioche,but almost everyone does. April Annie said it best. "It was like mushy pancakes and maple syrup." I know that doesn't sound too appetizing, but you have to try it. They also have a variety of beers that would go well with it, the Maredsous 8 or the O'reilly' s stout would be your two best bets.

Race st cafe is.....let's bring back a 1980s expletive and alliterate shall we? RAce st. is rad.
Its a great neighborhood spot right on the cusp of old city, but in a territory where you will see more down to earth resident types, then bridge crossers showing tramp stamps in the winter... yes, I've seen it. They have a firepace, boardgames, and live music. Great bartenders,
Chris and Mark

It's the kind of bar that is hard to have "just one" in, but I managed to successfully do that last night.

We had a very productive beer club meeting. Not a lot of women came out...hopefully new year's resolutions aren't keeping them away from the throwback, but we organized goals for the upcoming year.

We planned everything from our involvement with Philly Beer Week this March, to potential trips to Belgium, San Diego, and Michigan. We also hope to have a well made, classy yet sassy calendar for 2009. I have visions of what some of the background scenery will be so far....here's a hint: One of us will be appropriately dressed hanging out in a truck of spent grain....I think it has a lot of potential....

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